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Everything you always wanted to know about homosexuality but were afraid to ask

* The A-Z on homosexuality

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Gay and lesbian films

* Gay and lesbian films

* The Gay and lesbian films at the International Film Festival Rotterdam

Gay & Lesbian music

* My own favorite gay classics Top 100

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About me

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* Becoming a father

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* Pictures of the Roze Zaterdag (Dutch Gay Pride) in Rotterdam 2001

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Rob's GAY info pages

Welcome to my website.

My A-Z of gay, lesbian and bisexual people now features more than 2100 people from all over the world! I only include people who are out or who were outed after their death. There are pictures, a short biography and links to their personal websites. Suggestions of people I should add to my alphabet are more than welcome. I would like to thank all those people who have already send me their contributions.

My film page offers you the best films about homosexuality, or films with one or more homosexual main characters. Here you can find information on the cast, the director, the plot and - if possible - information about the soundtrack, the movieposter and some pictures from the movie. The special page about the International Film festival Rotterdam offers a summary of gay and lesbian themed films that have been shown during the recent festivals in Rotterdam.

Any questions about the gay world? Where does the Pink Triangle come from? How did the Gay Pride Days start? Here's a place to find some answers: Everything you always wanted to know about homosexuality but were afraid to ask.

The gay and lesbian music part of this site shows you my favorite gay classics and a list of lyrics of some gay or lesbian songs, like 'Scarecrow' by Melissa Etheridge and 'Glad to be gay' by Tom Robinson.

In the About me section you'll learn more about me and you can see some pictures of me and my partner.


Rob, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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