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These are - in random order - my personal 100 favorite gay classics. Some records are sung by gay artists, some have lyrics that are gay orientated and some are just popular in the gay community (or at least with me).

1. ABBA - Dancing Queen (1976)
(Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus)
The Swedish popgroup ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with 'Waterloo'. From then on they conquered the world with songs like 'Money, money, money', 'The winner takes it all' and 'Chiquitita'. Dancing Queen - which came from the album 'Arrival' became Abba's only number one in the USA and worldwide became their biggest hit single. The song is also featured in the musical 'Mamma Mia'. In the Netherlands 'Dancing Queen' was released twice: in 1976 and 1993. Abba recorded the song also in Spanish: La Reina del Baile. The video for the song was directed by Lasse Halström.
Nowadays Björn Again is a great Abba-cover-group. Nice covers of 'Dancing Queen' are by the San Francisco Gay Mens Choir, Luka Bloom and the Sydney gay & lesbian Choir. Australian singer Kylie Minogue performed the song at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.
Charts: Netherlands: 1 (1976) and 15 (1993), Belgium: 1, USA: 1, UK: 1, Germany: 1, Australia: 1

2. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive (1979)
(Dino Fekaris, Freddie Perren)
'I will survive' was originally a B-side to 'Substitute' (which was also a hit by South African girl band Clout), but Radio-DJ's played the B-side due to audience response and it was changed to A-side. The song was also covered by a.o. Diana Ross (with a VERY gay video clip) and Dutch student band: The Hermes House Band (nr 1 in the Netherlands in 1994). Gloria Gaynor herself also released a Spanish version of this song. In 2006 The Puppini Sisters did an Andrew Sisters version of this song on their album 'Betcha Bottom Dollar'.
The first disco album I ever bought was by Gloria Gaynor: Never can say goodbye.
Charts: Netherlands: 4 (1979) and 14 (remix, 1988)

3. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out (1980)
(Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers)
Need I say more, with a song title like that? It was a song from the popular album 'Diana' from 1980 which also featured 'Upside down' and 'My old Piano'. Nile Rodgers said that he got the inspiration behind the song after going to a California discotheque and noticing several drag queens dressing up as none other than Ross. Ross would often open concerts singing the song whenever she was "coming out" to perform.
Charts: Netherlands: 23, USA: 5, UK: 13

4. Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (1982)
(Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio)
This song was a hit for Franki Valli in 1967 (USA: 2) and for Andy Williams in 1968 (UK: 5).
Charts: Netherlands: 1

5. Village People - Y.M.C.A (1978)
(Jacques Morali / Victor Willis / Henri Belolo)
Even though they had quite a gay appearance and the group was obviously meant for the gay music market, as far as I know only two members of the Village People were gay: The indian Felipe Rose and cowboy Randy Jones. Rose was discovered by Jacques Morali when he worked as a dancer in gay bars in New York.

Charts: Netherlands: 1

6. Pet Shop Boys - Go West (1993)
The original version of 'Go West' was sung by the Village People, which was a hit in 1979. The PSB version has a great videoclip.
Charts: Netherlands: 3

7. Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time (1983)
Miquel Brown is the mother of singer Sinitta. In 1989 a remix of this song was released.
Charts: Netherlands: 11

8. The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men (1983)
The Weather Girls were first known as The Two Tons as backing vocalists to gay disco star Sylvester. In 2001 Geri Halliwell released a new version of this song. On the internet you can also find a great live version by k.d. Lang with Andy Bell from Erasure.
Charts: Netherlands: 31

9. Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (1978)
In 1990 Jimmy Somerville released his version of this song.
Charts: Netherlands: 25
Jimmy Somerville's version

10. Dana International - Diva (1998)
The 1998 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, where transsexual Dana represented Israel. Dana International was born as Yaron Cohen in 1972. In 1993 he had a sex change operation in London and returned as Sharon Cohen.
Charts: Netherlands: 11, UK: 11

11. Shirley Bassey - This is my life (1979)
Dame Shirley Bassey goes disco.
Charts: Netherlands: 4

12. Kylie Minogue - Your disco needs you (2001)
Albumtrack, which is as far as I know only released in Germany as a single. It's sort of 'Pet Shop Boys meet Donna Summer in a Village People song'.

13. Army of Lovers - Crucified (1991)
Swedish popband.
Charts: Netherlands: 2

14. Right said Fred - I'm too sexy (1991)
Charts: Netherlands: 20

15. RuPaul - Supermodel (You better work) (1993)

16. Soft Cell - Tainted love (1981)
Singer Marc Almond can also be found on number 93. The original of the song 'Tainted Love' was sung in 1964 by Gloria Jones.
Charts: Netherlands: 5

17. Eartha Kitt - Where is my man (1983)
Charts: Netherlands: 12

18. Marianne Rosenberg - Ich bin wie du (1976)
German Disco Hit.
Charts: Netherlands: 2

19. Grace Jones - Slave to the rhythm (1985)
Charts: Netherlands: 3

20. Bronski Beat - Why (1984)
The British popgroup with Jimmy Somerville.
Charts: Netherlands: 2

21. Village People - Macho man

22. Divine - Shoot your shot (1982)
Second hit by American drag act Divine (real name Harris Glenn Milstead). His first hit was 'Native love (step by step)'.
Charts: Netherlands: 3

23. Leif Garrett - I was made for dancin' (1978)
Leif Garrett (1961) was a young American actor when he had this hit in 1978.
Charts: Netherlands: 11

24. Disco Tex and his Sex-o-lettes - Get dancin' (1974)
American disco group formed by Bob Crewe and club performer and former hairdresser Sir Monti Rock III (Disco Tex). Singer Jocelyn Brown is one of the background singers. Another hit Disco Tex was 'I Wanna Dance Wití Choo (Doo Dat Dance)'. Disco Tex played the DJ in the movie 'Saturday Night Fever'.
Charts: Netherlands: 14

25. Gloria Gaynor - I am what I am (1984)
Disco version of the song from the gay musical 'La Cage aux folles'.

26. Linda Wagenmakers - No goodbyes (2000)
The Dutch participant to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000. She became number 13 in this contest.

Charts: Netherlands: 9

27. Karen Young - Hot Shot (1978)
Charts: Netherlands: 2

28. Communards - Never can say goodbye (1987)
This song was a hit in 1974/1975 for Gloria Gaynor.
Charts: Netherlands: 3

29. Abigail - Constant craving
The original version of this song was sung by k.d. Lang. I mention Abigail's version because it's more danceable.

30. Bette Midler - To deserve you (1996)
The Divine Miss M. Actrice and singer, who started performing in New York in the gay sauna's (with Barry Manilow on piano).

31. Take That featuring Lulu - Relight my fire (1993)
Another cover; this time of the 1980 hit by gay singer, songwriter and producerDan Hartman.
Charts: Netherlands: 12

32. Cher - Believe
Charts: Netherlands: 3

33. Pet Shop Boys - Somewhere
The Pet Shop Boys do Bernstein with this song from the musical 'West Side Story'.

34. Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love can't turn around (1986)
Charts: Netherlands: 4

35. Gala - Freed from desire (1997)
Charts: Netherlands: 6

36. Bronski Beat - Smalltown boy (1984)
Charts: Netherlands: 1

37. Boys Town Gang - Ain't no mountain high enough (1981)
(Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson)
This song was a hit for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in 1967 and in 1970 for Diana Ross. The full version of the Boys Town Gang version is 13:53 minutes and comes from their album 'Cruisin' the Streets'.

38. Donna Summer - Love to love you (1975)
According to some you can hear more than 20 orgasms in the 16 minutes-version of the song. Donna Summer was a gay icon until she said that Aids was a punishment from God for gays. Later she denied that she had said this.
Charts: Netherlands: 4, USA: 2

39. Amanda Lear - Follow me (1978)
Was she really a man or wasn't she? That was the question about Amanda Lear in the seventies. She wasn't.
Charts: Netherlands: 2

40. Village People - In the navy (1979)
(Jacques Morali / Victor Willis / Henri Belolo)
This song came from the fourth Village People album: Go west. In the Netherlands Dutch singer Ome Henk did a comical Dutch version of 'In the navy' as 'Op de camping'.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

41. Erasure - Lay all your love on me (1992) One of the songs from the Abbaesque-mini-CD.
Charts: Netherlands: 7

42. Baccara - Yes sir, I can boogie (1977)
(Rolf Soja, Frank Dostal)
Discosong from Spanish female duo Maria Mandola and Mayte Mateus. It was the best sold single in Europe in 1977. The girls also had a number 1 hit in the Netherlands in the same year with 'Sorry, I'm a lady'.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

43. Gina G - Ooh aah....just a little bit (1996)
Another song for the Eurovision Song Contest. This time for the UK. She became number 8.

44. Alicia Bridges - I love the nightlife (1978)
The song was used on the soundtrack of 'The adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert'.
Charts: Netherlands: 9

45. Abbacadabra - Mamma mia
Abbacadabra is a UK coverband which makes uptempo versions of Abba hits.

46. Flirts - Passion (1982)
Charts: Netherlands: 22

47. Blondie - Atomic (mix)
(Debbie Harry and Jimmy Destri)
The original version was the third single from the Blondie album 'Eat to the Beat' from 1979. This version is a 1994 remix.

48. Sister Sledge - We are family (1979)
Charts: Netherlands: 14 (1979) and 39 (1985)

49. Yazoo - Don't go (1982)
Charts: Netherlands: 2

50. Bette Midler - I'm beautiful
Song from the album 'Bathhouse Betty'.

51. Gloria Gaynor - Reach out (I'll be there) (1975)
Charts: Netherlands: 4

52. Madonna - Vogue (1990)
Charts: Netherlands: 2

53. Geri Halliwell - G.A.Y.
Former Spice Girl.

54. Yvonne Elliman - Love Pains (1982)
Yvonne Elliman played Maria in the film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Tim Rice musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. In 1978 she also had a hit with 'If I can't have you', which is a Bee Gees song and is featured in the film and musical 'Saturday Night Fever'.
Charts: Netherlands: 19

55. Dead or Alive - You spin me around (1985)
Charts: Netherlands: 6

56. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (1984)
Charts: Netherlands: 5 (1984) and 8 (1993)

57. Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Do you wanna funk (1982)
Charts: Netherlands: 14

58. Communards - Don't leave me this way (1986)
Charts: Netherlands: 1

59. Foxy - Get off (1978)
(Ish Ledesma / Calvin Drigs)
Foxy was an American band; the members were all originally from Cuba.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

60. Sin with Sebastian - Shut up and sleep with me (1995)

61. Cher - Strong enough (1999)

62. Bohannon - Let's start II dance again (1981)
Charts: Netherlands: 6

63. Luv' - U.O.Me (1978)
Dutch female trio.
Charts: Netherlands: 3

64. Venga boys - Boom Boom Boom Boom (1999) Another Dutch group. Though it's denied that the male members are gay, I have the highest doubts about that! One of the former members worked in a gay/mixed bar in Rotterdam.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

65. Pet Shop Boys - New York City boy

66. Divine - Native love (1982)
Charts: Netherlands: 34

67. Phats & Small - Turn Around
What a great song!

68. Boney M : Sunny (1977)
(Bobby Hebb)
The original of this song was written and sung by American Bobby Hebb and was a hit in 1966. Cher and Georgie Fame also released this song in the same year. For Boney M see also 97.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

69. Whitney Houston - I will always love you (remix)
The original version of this song is sung by country singer Dolly Parton, who also wrote this song.

70. London cast - Fame (remix)
The original version of 'Fame' was sung by Irene Cara on the soundtrack of the movie with the same name.

71. Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun (1984)
Charts: Netherlands: 3

72. Anita Ward - Ring my bell (1979)
Charts: Netherlands: 2

73. Communards - You are my world (1987)
Charts: Netherlands: 24

74. Moby - Bittersweet symphony

75. O-Zone - Dragostea din tei (2004)
Charts: Netherlands: 1

76. Yazoo - Situation (1982)
Alison Moyet and Vince Clark were Yazoo. Vince Clark later teamed up with Andy Bell in Erasure.
Charts: Netherlands: 16

77. George Michael - Outside
George Michaels first single after his arrest when he was caught with his pants down.

78. Charlotte - Take me to your heaven
Swedish entry to and winner of the Eurovision song contest in 1999.

79. Julie Andrews - Do re mi (DJ Weasl Lederhosen mix)
Just a little bit of fun here. This song from "every" gay man's favorite soundtrack of 'The Sound of music'. I don't know if this is available on CD, but I found it on Napster.

80. Holly Johnson - Americanos (1989)
Former lead singer of Frankie goes to Hollywood.
Charts: Netherlands: 6, UK: 4

81. Madonna - Don't cry for me Argentina (remix) (1997)
One of the few times Madonna got a positive review for her acting was when she played Evita Peron in the filmmusical 'Evita'. The original version of this song was sung by Julie Covington, who had a hit with it in 1977.

82. KC & the Sunshine band - That's the way I like it (1975)
Charts: Netherlands: 1

83. Chaka Khan - I'm every woman (1979)
Charts: Netherlands: 19

84. Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer - No more tears (enough is enough) (1979)
Charts: Netherlands: 20

85. Jocelyn Brown - Somebody else's guy (1984)
Jocelyn Brown also teamed up with 'Right said Fred' in the song 'Don't talk just kiss' in 1991.
Charts: Netherlands: 25

86. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (1992)
Charts: Netherlands: 6

87. Kool & the Gang - Celebration (1980)
Charts: Netherlands: 2

88. Wham - Wake me up before you go go (1984)
Charts: Netherlands: 1

89. Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield - What have I done to deserve this (1987)
That's what some Dusty-fans thought when they heard she would be working together with the Pet Shop Boys.
Charts: Netherlands: 2

90. Tarkan : Simarik (1999)
Worldmusic in the gay charts. A Turkish song also known as the "kiss-kiss-song". Every now and then there are rumours about Tarkan being gay, though so far Tarkan denies.

91. Grace Jones - Pull up to the bumper (1981)
Charts: Netherlands: 20

92. Tavares : Don't take away the music (1976)
Charts: Netherlands: 3

93. Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - Love to love you/ I feel love / Johnny remember me (1985)
Two Donna Summer hits "Love to love you" and "I feel love" combined with a classic hit from 1961 by Johnny Leyton: Johnny remember me.
Charts: Netherlands:

94. Pointer sisters - I'm so exited (1984)
Charts: Netherlands: 18

95. Hildegard Knef & Extrabreit - Fur mich soll es rote Rosen regnen
German legend Hildegard Knef, who died in 2002, in a disco/rock mix.

96. Stephen Gateley - New beginning (remix)
Stephen Gateley, member of the Irish boyband Boyzone.

97. Boney M : Ma Baker (1977)
(Frank Farian / Fred Jay / Hans-Georg Mayer)
Boney M are also on 68 with 'Sunny'.
Charts: Netherlands: 1

98. Madonna - Ray of light
With every record Madonna releases I'm again surprised how she manages to make something completely new and daring.

99. Donna Summer - This time I know it's for real (1989)
Charts: Netherlands: 5

100. Judy Garland - Over the rainbow (1939)
(H. Arlen / E. Harburg)
The song Judy Garland sang in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' in 1939. Chosen by the American Recordindustry as the best song of the 20th century. It's one of the gay anthems.