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Mousbah Baalbaki
(13 September 1973)
Lebanese belly dancer, born in Saida. He studied Communication Science at the American University in Beirut.
Libanese buikdanser, geboren in Saida. Hij studeerde communicatiewetenschappen aan de American University in Beiroet.

Jamie Babbit
(16 November 1970)
American director and screenwriter, born in Shaker Heights, Ohio. She has two children with producer Andrea Sperling.
Amerikaanse regisseur en scriptschrijver, geboren in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Ze heeft samen met producente Andrea Sperling twee kinderen.
TV (directing): Undressed (1999), Popular (1999), Malcolm in the middle (2000), Gilmore girls (2000, several episodes), Ed (2000), Maybe it's me (2001), The Bernie Mac Show (2001), Miss Match (2003), Wonderfalls (2004), Ugly Betty (2006), The L Word (2007-2008)
Films (directing): Frog crossing (1996), But I'm A Cheerleader (1999), Sleeping Beauties (1999), Stuck (2001), The Quiet (2005), Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)
Films (writer): Frog crossing (1996), But I'm a Cheerleader (1999), Sleeping Beauties (1999)
Jamie Babbit
Guido Bachmann
(28 January 1940 - 19 October 2003)
Swiss novelist, pianist and actor, born in Luzern.
Zwitserse romanschrijver, pianist en akteur, geboren in Luzern.
Books: Gilgamesch (1966), Wannsee (1967), Madeira (1976), Die Parabel (1978), Echnaton (1982), Die Kriminalnovellen (1984), Der Basilik (1987), Zeit und Ewigkeit (1989), Dionysos (1990), Lebenslänglich: eine jugend (1997), Bedingt entlassen (2000), Sommerweide (2002)
Guido Bachmann

Francis Bacon
(28 October 1909 - 28 April 1992)
Irish artist, born in Dublin. He died in Madrid, Spain.
Ierse schilder, geboren in Dublin. Hij is in Madrid, Spanje, overleden.
Website: www.francis-bacon.cx
Francis Bacon

Joan Baez
(9 January 1941)
American singer and songwriter, born as Joan Chandos Baez in Staten Island, New York. Baez has one son, percussionist Gabriel Harris.
Amerikaanse zangeres en liedjesschrijfster, geboren als Joan Chandos Baez in Staten Island, New York. Baez heeft een zoon, percussionist Gabriel Harris.
Hits: There But For Fortune (1965), The night they drove ol' dixie down (1971)
Albums: Joan Baez (1960), Joan Baez, volume 2 (1961), Joan Baez in concert (1962), Joan Baez in concert, part 2 (1963), Joan Baez 5 (1964), Joan Baez in San Francisco (1964), Farewell, Angelina (1965), Noel (1966), Joan (1967), Baptism: A journey through our time (1968), Any day now (1968), David's album (1969), One day at a time (1970), Blessed are....(1971), Carry it on (soundtrack, 1971), Come from the shadows (1972), Gulf winds (1976), Very early Joan (1982), Diamonds and rust in the Bullring (1989), Play me backwards (1992), Ring them bells (1995), Live at Newport (1996), Gone from danger (1997), Dark chords on a big guitar (2003), Bowery Songs (2005), Day After Tomorrow (2008)
Website: www.joanbaez.com
Joan Baez

Winfried Baijens
(13 December 1977)
Dutch Radio and TV-presenter, born in Horst.
Nederlandse Radio- en TV-presentator, geboren in Horst.
Radio: BNN Today (2007-)
TV: Jeugdjournaal (2001-2007), 24/7 (2011-)
Winfried Baijens

Fenton Bailey
British producer and director. He studied English at Oxford and moved to New York to attend film school. He dropped out after one year but had met Randy Barbato, with whom he now makes documentaries.
Britse producer en regisseur. Hij heeft Engels gestudeerd in Oxford en verhuisde naar New York om een filmopleiding te volgen. Hij stopte de opleiding al na een jaar, maar had wel Randy Barbato ontmoet, met wie hij nu documentaires maakt.
Documentaries: Party Monster (1999), The Eyes Of Tammy Faye (2000), The Real Ellen Story
TV: Manhattan Cable, The Adam and Joe Show, RuPaul's Drag Race (2009-2012)
Fenton Bailey

Jon Robin Baitz
(4 November 1961)
American playwright, screenwriter and director, born in Los Angeles, California.
Amerikaans toneelschrijver, scriptschrijver en regisseur, geboren in Los Angeles, Californié.
Plays: Dutch Landscape (1987), The film society (1987), The End Of The Day (1990), Three Hotels (1992), The Substance Of Fire (1992), A Fair Country (1997), Mizlansky/Zilinsky, Other Desert Cities (2011)
Films (screenwriter): People I know (2003)
TV: The West Wing, Alias, Brothers And Sisters (2006-2011)
Jon Robin Baitz

Adjiedj Bakas
(16 November 1963)
Dutch trendwatcher, born in Paramaribo, Surinam. He came to the Netherlands when he was 18 to study Communication Science.
Nederlandse trendwatcher, geboren in Paramaribo, Suriname. Hij kwam op zijn achtiende naar Nederland om communicatiewetenschappen te studeren.
Books: Polderpalet (2000), Women At Work (2002), Nieuw Nederland (2004), Megatrends Nederland (2005), Megatrends Europe (2006), Megatrends van Grimlach tot Ironie (2007), Microtrends Nederland (2009), De Toekomst Van De Liefde (2010), De Toekomst Van Gezondheid (2011), Kopzorg (2018)
Website: www.dexter.nl
Adjiedj Bakas

Dan Baker
American Council member in Long Beach City, California. He graduated from the University of Virgina in 1988.
Amerikaans lid van de gemeenteraad in Long Beach City, Californië. Hij is in 1988 afgestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Virginia.
Dan Baker

Gilbert Baker
(2 June 1951 - 31 March 2017)
American artist and gay rights activist, born in Chanute, Kansas. He designed the rainbow flag in 1978. Baker's flag became widely associated with LGBT rights causes and a symbol of pride. The colors on the Rainbow Flag reflect the diversity of the LGBT community.
Amerikaanse kunstenaar en homo activist, geboren in Chanute, Kansas. Hij ontwierp de regenboogvlag in 1978. Baker's vlag werd wereldwijd geassocieerd met LGBT rechten en een symbool van trots. De kleuren van de regenboogvlag staan voor de diversiteit van de LGBT community.
Gilbert Baker

Josepine Baker
(3 June 1906 - 12 April 1975)
American bisexual dancer, singer and actress, born in St. Louis, Missouri as Freda Josephine McDonald. She lived most of her life in France. In 1937 she became French citizen. Josephine's first husband was Willie Wells; her second husband was Willie Baker; her third husband was Jean Lion; and, her fourth husband was orchestra leader Jo Bouillon. Josephine's last marriage was to American Artist Robert Brady. She adopted 12 children from all over the world and called them her rainbow-family.
Amerikaanse biseksuele danseres, zangeres en actrice, geboren in St. Louis, Missouri, als Freda Jospehine McDonald. Ze woonde het grootste deel van haar leven in Frankrijk. In 1937 nam ze de Franse nationaliteit aan. Josephine's eerste man was Willie Wells; haar tweede Willie Baker; haar derde echtgenoot was Jean Lion en haar vierde man was orkestleider Jo Bouillon. Josephine's laatste echtgenoot was met de Amerikaanse kunstenaar Robert Brady. Ze adopteerde 12 kinderen uit verschillende delen van de wereld en noemde hen haar regenboog-familie.
Films: Siren of the Tropics (1927), Zou Zou (1934), Princess Tam Tam (1935)
Songs: J'ai Deux Amours: mon pays et Paris
Josephine Baker

Sara Josephine Baker
(15 November 1873 - 22 February 1945)
American doctor and writer, born in Poughkeepsie, New York. She graduated New York Infirmary Medical College in 1898. She had a relationship with Australian writer I.A.R. Wylie.
Amerikaanse dokter en schrijfster, geboren in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1898 studeerde ze af aan het New York Infirmary Medical College. Zij had een relatie met de Australische schrijfster I.A.R. Wylie.
Books: Healthy babies (1920), Healthy children (1920), Healthy mothers (1920), The growing child (1923), Child hygiene (1925), Fighting for life (1939, her autobiography)
S. Josephine Baker

Frans Bakker
(3 July 1952)
Dutch singer of popgroup Kadanz. He also made solo records, like the wonderful 'Voorjaar (Amsterdam)' (Spring (Amsterdam)) in which he tells about a boy who takes his first steps in the gay world.
Nederlandse zanger van popgroep Kadanz. Hij heeft ook solo platen gemaakt, zoals het mooie 'Voorjaar (Amsterdam)', waarin hij verteld over een jongen die zijn eerste schreden zet in de homo-wereld.
Hits: In Het Donker (1982), Dagen Dat Ik Je Vergeet (1989), De Stad (Die Vrijheid Heet) (1990), Alles Of Niets (1990)
Albums: Donkerblauw (1983), Pericoloso (1984), Blik Op Oneindig (1989), Van de wereld (1990), In het donker (1990), Aan of uit (solo, 1998)

Gerbrand Bakker
(28 April 1962)
Dutch writer, born in Wieringerwaard.
Nederlandse schrijver, geboren in Wieringerwaard.
Books: Perenbomen Bloeien Wit (1999), Groot Junior Etymologisch Woordenboek (2006), Boven Is Het Stil (2006), Ezel, Schaap En Tureluur (2009), Juni (2009), De Omweg (2010)
Website: www.gerbrandsdingetje.nl
Gerbrand Bakker

Clare Balding
(29 January 1971)
British radio and TV-presenter for BBC sports and journalist, born in Kingsclere, Hampshire. She married her partner, BBC broadcaster Alice Arnold, in September 2006.
Britse radio- en TV-presentator voor BBC sport en journaliste, geboren in Kingsclere, Hampshire. In september 2006 trouwde ze met haar partner, televisiemedewerkster Alice Arnold.
Books: Clare Balding's Horse & Pony Encyclopedia
Clare Balding

Long John Baldry
(12 January 1941 - 21 July 2005)
British blues singer and gitarist, born in London. He was a member of the R&B All Stars, Hoochie Coochie Men, Steam Packet and Bluesology. For the last 25 years of his life he lived in Canada.
Britse blueszanger en gitarist, geboren in Londen. Hij was onder andere lid van de R&B All Stars, Hoochie Coochie Men, Steam Packet en Bluesology. Hij woonde de laatste 25 jaar van zijn leven in Canada.
Hits: Let the heartaches begin (1967), Mexico (1968), (Walk me out in the) Morning dew (1981)
Albums: Long John's Blues (1964), Looking at Long John (1966), Let the heartaches begin (1968), Wait for me (1969), It ain't easy (1971, re-release 2005), Everything stops for tea (1972, re-release 2005), Good to be alive (1973), Heartaches (1974), Welcome To Club Casablanca (1976), Baldry's out (1979), Long John Baldry (1980), Rock with the best (1982), Silent treatment (1986), Beat goes on (1990), It still ain't easy (1991), On stage tonight (1993), A Thrill's A Thrill: The Canadian Years (1995), Right to sing the blues (1997), Long John Trio Live (2000), Remembering Leadbelly (2002)
Website: www.johnbaldry.com
Long John Baldry

James Baldwin
(2 August 1924 - 30 November 1987)
American author, playwright and Civil Rights activist, born as James Arthur Baldwin in Harlem, New York City. Baldwin died of stomach cancer.
Amerikaanse roman- en toneelschrijver en mensenrechtenactivist, geboren als James Arthur Baldwin in Harlem, New York City. Baldwin is overleden aan maagkanker.
Books: Go tell it on the mountain (1953), Notes of a native son (1955), Giovanni's room (1958), Nobody knows my name (1960), Another country (1962), The fire next time (1963), Tell me how the train's been gone (1968), If Beale Street could talk (1974), Just above my head (1979), Evidence of things I see (1983)
James Baldwin

Alan Ball
(13 May 1957)
American director, producer, scriptwriter and playwright, born in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Florida State University's Graduate School of Theater.
Amerikaanse regisseur, producer, scriptschrijver en toneelschrijver, geboren in Atlanta, Georgia. Hij heeft gestudeerd aan de Florida State University's Graduate School of Theater
Film: American Beauty (1999), Towelhead (2009)
TV: Grace under fire, Cybil, Oh, grow up, Six feet under
Plays: Cherokee country, Frostproof, The two Mrs. Trumps, Power Lunch, Bachelor Holiday, Five women wearing the same dress (1993), The amazing adventures of tense guy, The M word (1991), Made for a woman, Your mother's butt
Alan Ball

Canaan Sodindo Banana
( - 10 November 2003)
Former president of Zimbabwe (march 1980 - december 1987), who fled his country after being accused of illegal homosexual actions with his cook, his bodyguard and his gardener. He was in jail for 8 months. Banana and his wife denied the charges, saying they were politically motivated.
Voormalig president van Zimbabwe (maart 1980 - december 1987), die zijn land ontvluchtte na beschuldigd te zijn van verboden homoseksuele handelingen met zijn kok, zijn lijfwacht en zijn tuinman. Hij heeft 8 maanden in de gevangenis gezeten. Banana en diens vrouw ontkenden de aantijgingen en zeiden dat deze op politieke gronden geuit waren.
Canaan Banana

Anura Bandaranaike
(15 February 1949)
Shri Lankan politician, born in Colombo. He became Minister of Foreign Affairs in August 2005.
Politicus uit Sri Lanka, geboren in Colombo. Hij werd Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken in augustus 2005.
Anura Bandaranaike

Elle Bandita
Dutch gitarist, formerly with bands The Riplets and Bad Candy, and TV host, born in Vlaardingen as Ryanne van Dorst.
Nederlandse gitariste, voorheen bij de bands The Riplets en Bad Candy, en TV presentator, geboren in Vlaardingen als Ryanne van Dorst.
Albums: Rock (with The Riplets), Love Juice (2005), Queen Of Fools (2009), Elle Bandita (2014), Here Now, Here Then (2017)
TV: Op Zoek Naar God (2013), Jouw Vrouw, Mijn Vrouw VIPS (2014), Expeditie Robinson (2015), De Slimste Mens (2015), Geslacht (2017), Holland! (2018), Het Perfecte Plaatje (2018)
Elle Bandita

Vivica Bandler
(5 January 1917 - 30 July 2004)
Finnish theatre director, born in Helsingfors as Vivica von Frenkell.
Finse theaterregisseuse, geboren in Helsingfors als Vivica von Frenkell.
Vivica Bandler

Herman Bang
(20 April 1857 - 29 January 1912)
Danish writer, journalist, actor and theatre director, born in Asserballe, Schleswig as Herman Joachim Bang. He had a relationship with Hungarian actor Max Eisfeld. Bang died in Ogden, Utah, USA, during a recitation tour.
Deense schrijver, journalist, akteur en theaterregisseur, geboren in Asserballe, Schleswig, als Herman Joachim Bang. Hij had een relatie met de Hongaarse akteur Max Eisfeld. Bang overleed in Ogden, Utah, USA, tijdens een toernee met voordrachten.
Books: Families without Hope (1880), Excentriske Noveller (1885), Stille Eksistenser (1886), Det hvide Hus (1898), Englen Michael (1902)
Herman Bang

Tallulah Bankhead
(31 January 1902 - 12 December 1968)
American actress, born in Huntsville, Alabama, as Tallulah Brockman Bankhead. She married actor John Emery in 1937 and they divorced in 1941. She had no children.
Amerikaanse actrice, geboren in Huntsville, Alabama, als Tallulah Brockman Bankhead. Ze trouwde met acteur John Emery in 1937 en ze scheidden in 1941. Ze heeft geen kinderen gekregen.
Theatre: The squab farm (1919), The gold diggers (1926), Let us be gay (1930), Dark Victory (1934), Rain (1935), Something Gay (1935), Reflected Glory (1936), The little foxes (1939), The skin of our teeth (1942), Private lives (1948), A streetcar named desire (1956)
Film: Who Loved Him Best (1918), When Men Betray (1918), Thirty A Week (1918), The Trap (1919), His House In Order (1928), Tarnished Lady (1931), My Sin (1931), The Cheat (1931), Thunder Below (1932), Make Me A Star (1932), The Devil And The Deep (1932), Faithless (1932), Stage Door Canteen (1943), Lifeboat (1944), A Royal Scandal (1945), Main Street to Broadway (1953), The Boy Who Owned A Melephant (1959), Die! Die! My Darling! (1965), The Daydreamer (1966)
Radio: The big show (1950-1953)
TV: Batman (1967, as Black Widow)
Tallulah Bankhead

Randy Barbato
American producer and director, born in New Jersey. He lives and works together with British gay director Fenton Bailey.
Amerikaanse producer en regisseur, geboren in New Jersey. Hij leeft en werkt samen met de Britse homoseksuele regisseur Fenton Bailey.
Documentaries: The Real Ellen Story (1997), Party Monster (1999), The eyes of Tammy Faye (2000)
TV: The RuPaul Show (1996), Manhattan cable, The Adam and Joe show (1996)
Randy Barbato

Patricia Barber
American pianist and singer, born in Chicago.
Amerikaanse pianiste en zangeres, geboren in Chicago.
Albums: Split (1989), Modern Cool (1998), Nightclub (2000), Companion (1999), A Distortion Of Love (1992), Café Blue (1994), Verse (2002), A fortnight in France(2004)
Website: www.patriciabarber.com
Patricia Barber

Samuel Barber
(9 March 1910 - 23 January 1981)
American composer, born in West Chester, Pennsylvania as Samuel Osborne Barber. He had a relationship with Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti for thirty years.
Amerikaans componist, geboren in West Chester, Pennsylvania, als Samuel Osborne Barber. Hij heeft dertig jaar een relatie gehad met de Italiaanse componist Gian Carlo Menotti.
Works: Adagio for strings, Vanessa (1957, opera), Antony and Cleopatra (opera)
Samuel Barber

Paris Barclay
(30 June 1956)
American director and writer, born in Chicago Heights, Illinois. He graduated from Harvard in 1979.
Amerikaanse regisseur en schrijver, geboren in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Hij studeerde in 1979 af aan Harvard.
TV: Law & Order (1990), Angel Street (1992), NYPD Blue, City of Angels, West Wing, ER (1994), America's dream (1996), City of Angels (2000), Meet the Changs (2001), The big time (2002), Huff (2004), Dead Lawyers (2004)
Musical: Letters from Nam
Paris Barclay

Alexander Bard
(17 March 1961)
Swedish bisexual singer, songwriter and producer, born in Linkoping as Alexander Magnus Bard. In 1987 he started the popgroup 'Army of Lovers', together with Camilla Henemark and Jean-Pierre Barda (see below). Later he became a member of popgroups 'Vacuum' and 'Bodies Without Organs'.
Zweedse biseksuele zanger, componist en producer, geboren in Linkoping als Alexander Magnus Bard. In 1987 begon hij de popgroep 'Army of Lovers', samen met Camilla Henemark en Jean-Pierre Barda (zie hieronder). Later werd hij lid van de popgroepen 'Vacuum' en 'Bodies Without Organs'.
Hits: (with Army of Lovers:) Crucified (1991), Obsession (1991), Isrealism (1992), (with Vacuum:) I breath (1997)
Albums: Disco Extravaganza (AoL, 1990), Army of Lovers (1991), Massive Luxury Overdose (1991), The Gods Of Earth And Heaven (AoL, 1993), Glory Glamour And Gold (AoL, 1994), Les Greatest Hits (AoL, 1996), Prototype (BWO, 2005), Halcyon Days (BWO, 2006)
Website: http://alexanderbard.com/
Alexander Bard

Jean-Pierre Barda
(7 March 1967)
Swedish bisexual hairstylist, actor, singer and TV-host, born in Paris, France. From 1987 to 1997 he was a member of the popgroup 'Army of Lovers'.
Zweedse biseksuele kapper, akteur, zanger en TV-presentator, geboren in Parijs, Frankrijk. Van 1987 tot 1997 was hij lid van de popgroep 'Army of Lovers'.
Hits: (with Army of Lovers:) Crucified (1991), Obsession (1991), Isrealism (1992)
Albums: Disco Extravaganza (AoL, 1990), Army of Lovers (1991), Massive Luxury Overdose (1991), The Gods Of Earth And Heaven (AoL, 1993), Glory Glamour And Gold (AoL, 1994), Les Greatest Hits (AoL, 1996)
Theatre: Min Mamma Herr Albin (Swedish version of 'La Cage aux folles', 1995)
Films: Once In a Lifetime (2000), House of Angels: The Second Summer (1994)
Jean-Pierre Barda

Barbara Barend
(30 July 1974)
Dutch TV-host and columnist, born in Amsterdam as daughter of TV-host Frits Barend. DFrom 1992 to 1996 she studied at the University of Texas. On September 3, 2010 she married her partner Alette Bastiaansen.
Nederlandse TV-presentatrice en columniste, geboren in Amsterdam als dochter van TV-presentator Frits Barend. Ze heeft van 1992 tot 1996 gestudeerd aan de University of Texas. Op 3 september 2010 trouwde ze met haar partner Alette Bastiaansen.
TV: FC Godenzonen (AT5), Zappsport (2002-2005, TROS TV), Komt dat schot (2004-2005, BNN), Voetbal Insite (2005-, RTL), Wie Is De Mol (2010)
Book: Hekwerk (1999)
Barbara Barend

Niek Barendsen
Dutch actor, columnist and playwright. He studied at the Academy for Cabaret in Amsterdam.
Nederlandse akteur, columnist en toneelschrijver. Hij studeerde aan de Academie voor Kleinkunst in Amsterdam.
Theatre (writer): Kleine Sophie en Lange Wapper, Jan Jans en de Kinderen (2005)
Theatre (acting): Jan, Jans en de Kinderen (2005)
Books: Tachtig Kleine Hamsters

Clive Barker
(5 October 1952)
British writer, actor, playwright and film producer and director. He was born in Liverpool and studied English literature and philosophy at Liverpool University.
Britse schrijver, akteur, toneelschrijver en filmproducer en filmregisseur. Hij is geboren in Liverpool en heeft aan Liverpool University Engelse literatuur en filosofie gestudeerd.
Books: The damnation game (1985), Weaveworld (1987), The great and secret show (1989), Imajica (1991), The thief of always (1992), Everville (1994), Sacrament (1996), Galilee (1998), Coldheart Canyon (2001), Abarat (2002)
Films: Salome (1973), The forbidden (1978), Hellraiser (1987), Nightbreed (1990), Hellraiser III (1992), Candyman (1992), Lord of Illusions (1995), Candyman II (1996), Hellraiser: Bloodline (1995), Saint sinner (2002)
Plays: Colossus, Frankenstein in love, The history of the devil, Crazyface, Paradise Street, Subtle bodies
Website: www.clivebarker.com
Clive Barker

Micah Barnes
(30 May 1960)
Canadian singer and songwriter, former of the accapella group the Nylons (1990-1996). He was born in Vienna, Austria.
Canadese zanger en songwriter. Zat vroeger bij de accapella groep the Nylons (1990-1996). Hij is geboren in Wenen, Oostenrijk.
Albums (with the Nylons): Four on the floor (1991), Live to love
Albums (solo): Loudboy Radio
Micah Barnes
Website: www.micahbarnes.com

Natalie Barney
(31 October 1876 - 2 February 1972)
American writer, born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Washington. In the beginning of the 20th century she moved to Paris, where she had a relationship with artist Romaine Brooks.
Amerikaanse schrijfster, geboren in Dayton, Ohio en opgegroeid in Washington. In het begin van de 20e eeuw verhuisde ze naar Parijs, waar ze een relatie kreeg met Romaine Brooks.
Books: Quelques Portraits -Sonnets de Femmes (1900), Cinq petits dialogues Grecs (1901), Actes et entr'actes (1910), Je me souviens (1910), Eparpillements (1910), Poems et Poemes: Autres Alliances (1920), Pensees de l'Amazone (1920), Aventures de l'Esprit (1929), The one who is legion, or A.D.'s after-life (1930), Nouvelles Pensees de l'Amazone (1939), Souvenirs indiscrets (1960), Traits et Portraits (1963)
Natalie Barney

John Barrowman
(11 March 1967)
British actor, singer and TV-presenter, born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in Joliet, Illinois, USA. He married his partner Scott Gill on December 27, 2006.
Britse akteur, zanger en TV-presentator, geboren in Glasgow, Schotland en opgegroeid in Joliet, Illinois, USA. Hij is op 27 december 2006 met zijn partner Scott Gill getrouwd.
TV: Live & Kicking, Electric Circus, The Movie Game, 5's Company, How do you solve a problem like Maria (2006), I'd Do Anything (2008), The Kids Are Allright (2008), The Making Of Me (2008)
TV (acting): Dr Who (2005, as Captain Jack Harkness), Torchwood (2006-)
Films: De-Lovely (2004), The Producers (2005)
Theatre: Anything Goes (1989), Miss Saigon (1991), Matador (1991), Phantom of the Opera (1992), Hair (1993), Miss Saigon (1993), Rope (1993), Sunset Boulevard (1994)Red red rose (1996), Sunset Boulevard (1996), Aspects of love (1997), Evita (1997, Oslo, Norway), The Fix (1997), Hey Mr. Producer (1998), Putting is together (1998, Los Angeles), Beauty and the beast (1999), Putting it together (1999-2000, Broadway), Company (2002), It's better with a band (2002), Anything Goes (2003), Love's Labour Lost (2003), Beautiful & Damned (2003), Chicago (2004), A Few Good Men (2005), Cinderella (2005-2006), Jack and the Beanstalk (2006-2007)
Biography: Anything Goes (2008)
Album: Reflections from Broadway (2000), John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter (2004), Another Side (2007)
Website: www.johnbarrowman.com
John Barrowman

Chris Barry
Irish TV- and radio-host, born as Ciaran Gaffney in Blackrock, County Dublin.
Ierse TV- en radiopresentator, geboren als Ciaran Gaffeny in Blackrock in het graafschap Dublin.
Radio: The Chris Barry show (98FM)

Drew Barrymore
(22 February 1975)
American bisexual actress, born as Drew Blythe Barrymore in Los Angeles, California. Her father was actor John Drew Barrymore and her grandfather John Barrymore and grandmother Dolores Costello were also actors. She has been married to Jeremy Thomas (march 20, 1994 - april 28, 1994) and comedian Tom Green (july 7, 2001 - october 15, 2002) .
Amerikaanse biseksuele actrice, geboren als Drew Blythe Barrymore in Los Angeles, Californië. Haar vader is akteur John Drew Barrymore en haar grootvader John Barrymore en grootmoeder Dolores Costello waren beide ook akteur. Ze is getrouwd geweest met Jeremy Thomas (20 maart 1994 - 28 april 1994) en komiek Tom Green (7 juli 2001 - 15 oktober 2002).
Films: Suddenly Love (1978), Bogie (1980), Altered States (1980), ET (1982), Firestarter (1984), Cat's Eye (1985), Babes in Toyland (1986), Conspiracy of Love (1987), 15 and Getting Straight (1989), See you in the Morning (1989), Motorama (1991), "2000" Malibu Road (1992), No Place to Hide (1993), Bad Girls (1994), Boys on the Side (1995), Batman forever (1995), Everyone Says I Love You (1996), The Wedding Singer (1998), Never Been Kissed (1999), Skipped Parts (2000), Titan A. E. (2000, voice of Akima), Charlie's Angels (2000), Riding in Cars with Boys (2001), Freddy Got Fingered (2001), Donnie Darko (2001), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle (2003), Duplex (2003)
Autobiography: Little Girl Lost (1990)
Drew Barrymore

Michael Barrymore
(4 May 1952)
British comedian and TV-host, born as Michael Keiran Parker in Bermondsey, South London. He was married for twenty years to Cheryl Cocklin. In March 2001 the body of Stuart Lubbock was found near the swimmingpool at the house of Barrymore. In June 2007 Barrymore and two other men were arrested on suspision of sexual assault and murder.
Britse komiek en TV-presentator, geboren als Michael Keiran Parker in Bermondsey, Zuid-Londen. Hij is twintig jaar getrouwd geweest met Cheryl Cocklin. In maart 2001 werd nabij het zwembad bij het huis Barrymore het lichaam gevonden van Stuart Lubbock. In juni 2007 werden Barrymore en twee andere mannen gearresteerd wegens verdenking van aanranding en moord.
TV: Barrymore, Strike it lucky, My kinda people, My kinda music, Bob Martin, Barrymore on Broadway (2000), Celebrity Big Brother (2006)
Film: Spice world (1997)
Theatre: Cinderella (1987), Aladdin (1989), Cinderella (1990), Aladdin (1992), A Christmas Carol (2006)
Album: My kind of Kiwi's (2004)
Autobiography: Back in business (1995), Awight Now Setting the Record Straight (2006)
Website: www.michael-barrymore.co.uk
Michael Barrymore

Lionel Bart
(1 August 1930 - 3 April 1999)
British composer, lyrist and playwright, born in London. His greatest successes were the musical 'Oliver' and songs like the Bond-movie tune 'From Russia with love' (Matt Monro) and 'Livin' doll' (Cliff Richard). His real name was Lionel Begleiter.
Britse componist, tekstschrijver en toneelschrijver, geboren in Londen. Zijn grootste successen waren de musical 'Oliver' en liedjes als de Bond tune 'From Russia with love' (Matt Monro) en 'Livin' doll' (Cliff Richard). Zijn echte naam was Lionel Begleiter.
Musicals: Oliver (1960), Maggie May (1964), Twang!! (1965), La Strada (1969)
Lionel Bart

Paul Bartel
(6 August 1938 - 13 May 2000)
American actor and filmmaker, born in Brooklyn, NYC. He studied theater and film at the University of California in Los Angeles.
Amerikaans akteur en filmmaker, geboren in Brooklyn, NYC. Hij heeft theater en film gestudeerd aan de University of California in Los Angeles.
TV: Tales of the city (1993), More tales of the city (1998)
Films (directing): Private Parts (1972), Eating Raoul (1982)
Films (acting): Eating Raoul (1982), Posse (1993), Twin sitters (1994), Not like us (1995), Joe's Apartment (1996), Basquiat (1996), Melting pot (1997), Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998), The living end
Paul Bartel

Freek Bartels
(24 October 1986)
Dutch singer and actor, born in Tilburg. In October 2008 he won the leading role in the Dutch version of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in the TV programm "Op zoek naar Joseph". He studied at the MusicAllFactory and Fontys Conservatory.
Nederlands zanger en acteur, geboren in Tilburg. In oktober 2008 won hij de hoofdrol in de Nederlandse versie van "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in het TV-programma "Op zoek naar Joseph". Hij studeerde aan de MusicAllFactory en het Fontys Conservatorium.
TV: Op Zoek Naar Joseph (2008)
Theatre: Fame (2001-2002), Pendragon (2002), Quasimodo (2004), Rent (2006), Into The Woods (2007), Les Miserables (2008, as Enjolras), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2008-2009), Sondheim In Songs (2010), Petticoat (2010-2011), Next To Normal (2012), Ghost (2012)
Website: www.freekbartels.com
Freek Bartels

Emma Basden
British TV host.
Britse TV-presentatrice.
TV: Safe As Houses
Books: Safe As Houses (2004)
Emma Basden

Jean-Michel Basquiat
(22 December 1960 - 12 August 1988)
American painter and graffity-artist, born in Brooklyn, New York. He died of an overdosis drugs. In 1996 his story was made into a movie under the title Basquiat, with a.o. Jeffrey Wright as Basquiat and David Bowie as Andy Warhol.
Amerikaanse schilder en graffity-artiest, geboren in Brooklyn, New York. Hij stierf aan een overdosis drugs. In 1996 werd zijn verhaal verfilmd onder de titel Basquiat, met o.a. Jeffrey Wright als Basquiat en David Bowie als Andy Warhol.

Lance Bass
(4 May 1979)
American singer in boysband 'N'Sync and actor, born in Laurel, Mississipi as James Lance Bass.
Amerikaanse zanger in de boysband 'N'Sync en akteur, geboren in Mississipi als James Lance Bass.
Hits (with 'N'Sync): I want you back (1998), Tearin' up my Heart (1998), God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time On You) (1999), Drive Myself Crazy (1999), Music Of My Heart (with Gloria Estefan) (2000), Bye Bye Bye (2000), It's Gonna Be Me (2000), This I Promise You (2000), Pop (2001), Gone (2001), Girlfriend (with Nelly) (2002)
Albums (with 'N'Sync): 'N'Sync (1998), Home for Christmas (1998), No Strings Attached (2000), Celebrity (2001), Greatest Hits (2005)
TV: Dancing With The Stars (2008)
Theatre: Hairspray (2007-2008)
Films: Longshot (2000), On the Line (2001), Lovewrecked (2005), I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)
Website: www.lancebass.com
Lance Bass

Charles Baudelaire
(9 April 1821 - 31 August 1867)
French writer, poet and art and literary critic. He was born in Paris.
Franse schrijver, dichter en kunst- en literatuurcriticus. Hij is in Parijs geboren.
Charles Baudelaire

Wim Bax
(9 December 1971)
Dutch actor, born in Emmeloord.
Nederlandse akteur, geboren in Emmeloord.
TV: De Legende van de Bokkerijders, Oppassen!!!, Onderweg Naar Morgen (1998-2003, as Serge), Rozegeur en Wodka Lime, SpangaS (2007-)
Wim Bax

Meredith Baxter
(21 June 1947)
American actress, born in South Pasadena, California as Meredith Ann Baxter. She has been married four times and has five children. In 1966, she married Robert Lewis Bush and they had two children — Theodore Justin ("Ted"; born 1967) and Eva Whitney (born August 6, 1969); the couple divorced in 1971. In 1974, she married David Birney and had three children — Kathleen Jeanne ("Kate"; born December 5, 1974) and twins Mollie Elizabeth and Peter David Edwin (born October 2, 1984). She and David Birney divorced in 1989. In 1995, she married actor and screenwriter Michael Blodgett; they were divorced in 2000. On December 8, 2013, Baxter married her longtime partner Nancy Locke.
Amerikaanse actrice, geboren in South Pasadena, Californië als Meredith Ann Baxter. Ze is 4 keer getrouwd en heeft 5 kinderen. In 1966 trouwde ze met Robert Lewis Bush en ze kregen twee kinderen — Theodore Justin ("Ted"; geboren in 1967) en Eva Whitney (geboren op 6 augustus 1969); ze scheidden in 1971. In 1974 trouwde ze met David Birney. Zij kregen drie kinderen — Kathleen Jeanne ("Kate"; geboren op 5 december 1974) en de tweeling Mollie Elizabeth en Peter David Edwin (geboren op 2 oktober 1984). Van David Birney scheidde ze in 1989. In 1995 trouwde ze met akteur en scriptschrijver Michael Blodgett; zij scheidden in 2000. Op 8 december 2013 trouwde Baxter met haar partner Nancy Locke.
TV: Family (1976-1980), Family Ties (1982-1989), Dan Vs, (2011-2013)
Films: Stand Up and Be Counted (1972), Ben (1972), All the President's Men (1976), Bittersweet Love (1976), Jezebel's Kiss (1990), Elevator Seeking (1999), Down Will Come Baby (1999), Devil's Pond (2003), Paradise Texas (2005), The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2005), The Onion Movie (2008), Airline Disaster (2010)
Meredith Baxter

Jaime Bayly
(19 February 1965)
Peruvian bisexual writer and journalist, born in Lima, Peru, as Jaime Bayly Letts.
Peruaanse biseksuele schrijver en journalist, geboren in Lima, Peru, als Jaime Bayly Letts.
Books: No se lo Digas a Nadie (1994), Fue Ayer y No Me Acuerdo (1995), Los Últimos Dias de La Prensa (1996), La Noche es Virgen (1997), Yo Amo a Mi Mami (1999), Los Amigos que Perdi (2000), Aquí no hay Poesía (2001), La Mujer de mi Hermano (2002), El Huracán Lleva tu Nombre (2004), Y de Repente, Un Angel (2005), El Canalla Sentimental (2008), El Cojo y el Loco (2009), Morirás Manana: El Escritor Sale a Matar (2010)
Jaime Bayly

Sylvia Beach
(14 March 1887 - 5 October 1962)
American intellectual. Started bookshop with English literature 'Shakespeare and company' in Paris. She had a relationship with French writer Adrienne Monnier. She died in Paris, France.
Amerikaanse intellectueel. Ze begon een boekenwinkel met Engelse literatuur onder de naam 'Shakespeare and company' in Parijs. Ze had een relatie met de Franse schrijfster Adrienne Monnier. Ze is in Parijs overleden.
Sylvia Beach (A painting)

Rikki Beadle-Blair
(July 1961)
British actor, director, writer, playwright, singer and musician, born in Camberwell and raised in Bermondsey, London.
Britse akteur, regisseur, schrijver, toneelschrijver, zanger en musicus, geboren in Camberwell en opgegroeid in Bermondsey, Londen.
TV: Metrosexuality (2001, script and acting)
Films: Sirens (acting), Stonewall (1995, screenplay)
Plays: Gutted (2004), Human (2005), Totally Practically Naked In My Room On A Wednesday Night (2005), Bashment (2005)
Rikki Beadle-Blair

Billy Bean
(11 May 1964)
American baseball player, born in Santa Ana, California as William Daro Bean. He played major league baseball from 1987 through 1995.
Amerikaanse baseballspeler, geboren in Santa Ana, Californië als Williams Daro Bean. Hij speelde op het hoogste niveau baseball van 1987 tot 1995.
Book: Going The Other Way
Website: http://billybean.com/
Billy Bean

Dutch older boyband, formed in 2007 by actor Roeland Fernhout and commercial maker Nick Rood. The members of Bearforce1 are Yuri, Ian, Robert, Pete Statham and spare bear Eddi. See also the "S" : Pete Statham.
Nederlandse oudere jongensband, geformeerd in 2007 door Roeland Fernhout en reclamemaker Nick Rood. De leden van Bearforce1 zijn Yuri, Ian, Robert, Pete Statham en reservebeer Eddi. Zie ook onder de "S" bij Pete Statham.
Hits: Bearforce1 (2007), Christmas is here (2007)

Amanda Bearse
(9 August 1958)
American actress and director, born in Winter Park, Florida. She studied acting at New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse and played neighbour Marcy D'Arcy in the comedy 'Married with children'. She lives together with her daughter Zoe and her partner.
Amerikaanse actrice en regisseuse, geboren in Winter Park, Florida. Ze nam acteerlessen bij New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse en speelde de rol van buurvrouw Marcy D'Arcy in de komedie 'Married with children'. Bearse woont samen met haar dochter Zoe en haar partner.
TV: All my children (1982-1984), Married with children (1987-1997), Here Come The Munsters (1995), Dharma and Greg (1999-2000, director), Here! Family (2005), The Big Gay Sketch Show (2007, director)
Films: Fright Night (1985), Fraternity Vacation (1985), The Doom Generation (1995), Give or take an inch (2003), Totally Baked (2007)
Amanda Bearse

Sylvain Beauregard
Canadian Ice-skater. His partner figure skater Robert Wagenhoffer died of Aids in december 2000.
Canadese kunstschaatser. Zijn partner kunstschaatser Robert Wagenhoffer is in december 2000 aan Aids overleden.

Pia Beck
(18 September 1925 - 26 November 2009)
Dutch lady-pianist and singer, born in The Hague as Pieternella Beck. From 1945 to 1949 she was singer with The Millers. In september 2003 she retired from showbizz. She lived in Torremolinos, Spain with her partner Marga Samsonowski (- 1 June 2009).
Nederlandse pianiste en zangeres, geboren in Den Haag als Pieternella Beck. Van 1945 tot 1949 was ze zangeres bij The Millers. In september 2003 nam ze afscheid van de Showbiz. Ze woonde in Torremolinos in Spanje met haar partner Marga Samsonowski (- 1 juni 2009).
Albums: Pia in Torremolinos (1967), Pia Beck Special (1968), Pia's Beck In Town (1972), Beck To The Fifties (1976), The Pia Back Story (1976), Pia's Party (1982), Beck Magic (1989), Beck To The Future (1990), Music for the millions, Beck in New York (1993), Play Beck, Beck to 2000 (1997), The Touch Of My Life (2003)
DVD: The Touch Of Her Life (2003)
Biography: De Pia Beck Story (1982), The Touch Of My Life (2000)
Website: www.piabeck.nl
Pia Beck

Volker Beck
(12 December 1960)
German politician for the Green Party, born in Stuttgart.
Duitse politicus voor die Grünen, geboren in Stuttgart.
Volker Beck

Karolien de Becker
(26 May 1979)
Belgian TV and Radio presenter, born in Leuven.
Belgische TV- en Radiopresentatrice, geboren in Leuven.
Radio: ?
TV: ShOut (JimTV), Vlaanderen Vakantieland, Was het nu '80, '90 of 2000? (2008-)
Karolien de Becker

William Beckford
(1 October 1760 - 2 May 1844)
British writer. According to some sources he was born in 1759. He was married to Lady Margareth Gordon in 1783 and they had two daughters. His wife died in 1786.
Britse schrijver. Volgens sommige bronnen is hij geboren in 1759. Hij trouwde met Lady Margareth Gordon en ze kregen twee dochters. Zijn vrouw stierf in 1786.
Books: The History of the Caliph Vathek (1786)
William Beckford

Vicky Beeching
(17 July 1979)
English musician and religious commentator, born as Victoria Louise Beeching in Canterbury, Kent.
Engelse musicus en commentator op het gebied van religie, geboren als Victoria Louise Beeching in Canterbury, Kent.
Albums: Shelter EP (2002), The Journey EP (2005), Yesterday, Today & Forever (2005), Painting the Invisible (2007), Eternity Invades (2010)
Vicky Beeching

Eric Beekes
(15 May 1949)
Dutch actor and singer, born in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Nederlandse akteur en zanger, geboren in Surabaya, Indonesië.
Theatre: Madame Jatzkowa, Dood Mao Doos, Mijn tante en ik, Droomwolken (2000), Potasch & Perlemoer (1999-2000), Olifant Aan De Trapeze (2002), Tante en het Wonderkind (2002), Mijn tante zit op wolk 9, Droomwolken (2004), Pietje Bell (2005, as Tante Cato), Fame (2007), Het Mysterie Van De Maskers (2008-2010), De Zangeres Zonder Naam (2011-2012)
Films: Spetters (1980), Bloedverwanten (1988), De kassiere (1990), Flodder in Amerika (1992)
Albums: Omstreeks deze tijd (1989), Eens komt er een dag (1994), Pietje Bell, de Musical (2005, part of the cast)
Website: www.ericbeekes.nl
Erik Beekes

Bet van Beeren
(12 February 1902 - 16 July 1967)
Dutch owner of bar ''t Mandje' at the Zeedijk in Amsterdam, one of the first Dutch gay and lesbian bars. The bar opened in 1927. She was born as Elisabeth Maria van Beeren.
Nederlandse eigenaresse van cafe 't Mandje aan de Zeedijk in Amsterdam: een van de eerste homo- en lesbo bars in Nederland. Het cafe werd in 1927 geopend. Ze is geboren als Elisabeth Maria van Beeren.
Biography: Bet van Beeren - Koningin van de Zeedijk (by Tibbe Bosch)
Bet van Beeren

Henk Beerten
Dutch politician for D66.
Nederlandse politicus voor D66.
Henk Beerten

Walter van Beirendonck
(4 February 1957)
Belgian fashion designer, born in Brecht.
Belgische modeontwerper, geboren in Brecht.
Theatre: Pop Mart (U2 tour 1997), The massacre at Paris (2001)
Beirendonck (right) with Dutch actrice Kitty Courbois

Maurice Béjart
(1 January 1927 - 22 November 2007)
French dancer and choreographer, born as Maurice Jean Berger in Marseille.
Franse danser en choreograaf, geboren als Maurice Jean Berger in Marseille.
Ballets: Le Sacre du Printemps, Bolero
Maurice Béjart

Frieda Belinfante
(10 May 1904 - 5 March 1995)
Dutch cellist and conductor, born in Amsterdam. During World War II she was member of the Dutch resistance, She emigrated to the USA in 1947.
Nederlandse celliste en dirigente, geboren in Amsterdam. Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog was lid van het verzet. In 1947 emigreerde ze naar de USA.
Biography: Een Schitterend Vergeten Leven - De Eeuw van Frieda Belinfante (by Toni Boumans) (2015)
Frieda Belinfante

Andy Bell
(25 April 1964)
Leadsinger of popgroup Erasure, born as Andrew Ivan Bell in Peterborough. Erasure was formed by Vince Clarke in 1985. Bell is HIV-positive.
Zanger van de popgroep Erasure, geboren als Andrew Ivan Bell in Peterborough. Erasure werd in 1985 door Vince Clarke opgericht. Bell is HIV-positief.
Singles (with Erasure): Sometimes (1987), It doesn't have to be (1987), Chains of love (1988), Stop (1989), Blue Savannah (1990), Chorus (1991), Abba-esque (1992), Love to hate you (1992)
Singles (solo): Crazy (2005)
Albums: Wonderland (1986), The Circus (1987), The two-ring Circus (1987), The innocents (1988), Wild! (1989), Chorus (1991), Pop! - the first twenty hits (1992), I say I say I say (1994), Erasure (1995), Cowboy (1997), Loveboat (2000), Other people's songs (2003), Nightbird (2005), Electric Blue (solo, 2005), Union Street (2006)
Website: www.andybell.com
Andy Bell

Dolly Bellefleur
Dutch performer and radio presenter in drag and alter ego of Ruud Douma. See his real name: Ruud Douma.
Nederlandse performer en radiopresentator in travestie en het alter ego van Ruud Douma. Zie zijn echte naam: Ruud Douma.
Dolly Bellefleur

Joost van Bellen
Dutch DJ and organizer of parties, born in Leiden. He a.o. worked as a DJ in the Roxy in Amsterdam (1987-1999).
Nederlandse DJ en organisator van feesten, geboren in Leiden. Hij werkte onder andere als DJ in de Roxy in Amsterdam (1987-1999).
Website: www.vanbellen.dj
Joost van Bellen

Linda Bellos
British gay activist and former politician, born in London. She married in 1970 and gave birth to two children (in 1974 and 1976). In 1980 she came out as a lesbian and divorced her husband in 1983. She's a grandmother now. On 21 December 2005, she and her partner, Caroline Jones, were among the first couples to sign a Civil partnership in the UK.
Britse gay activiste en voormalige politica, geboren in Londen. Ze trouwde in 1970 en werd moeder van twee kinderen (in 1974 en 1976). Ze kwam er in 1980 voor uit dat ze lesbisch is en scheidde van haar man in 1983. Ze is nu oma. Op 21 december 2005 waren zij en haar partner, Caroline Jones, bij de eerste stellen die in de UK een Partnerregistratie tekenden.
Linda Bellos

Don Bemrose
(18 October ....)
Australian opera singer and a professional trainer and coach, born in Brisbane, Queensland.
Australische operazanger en een professionele trainer en coach, geboren in Brisbane, Queensland.
Don Bemrose

Rachid Ben Ali
Dutch bisexual artist from Maroccon origin, born in Taza, Marocco. When he was 15 his parents sent him to the Netherlands. He studied at the academies of Arnhem and Rotterdam, after which he continued his studies at the Polytechnic for the Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.
Nederlandse biseksuele kunstenaar van Marokkaanse afkomst, geboren in Taza, Marokko. Toen hij 15 was zonden zijn ouders hem naar Nederland. Hij heeft gestudeerd aan de academies van Arnhem en Rotterdam, waarna hij in Antwerpen aan de Hoge School voor de Kunsten zijn opleiding vervolgde.
One of his works

Fernando Bengoechea
(August 1965 - December 2004)
American interior and fashion photographer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in Brazil. He studied photography and cinematography in New York. He died in the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka. His partner interior designer Nate Berkus survived.
Amerikaanse fotograaf van mode en interieurs, geboren in Buenos Aires, Argentinië en groeide op in Brazil. Hij studeerde fotografie en filmkunst in New York. Hij kwam om in Sri Lanka bij de Tsunami in 2004. Zijn partner interieurontwerper Nate Berkus overleefde de ramp.
Website: www.fernandobengoechea.com
Fernando Bengoechea

Alan Bennett
(9 May 1934)
British actor and playwright, born in Leeds, Yorkshire.
Brits akteur en toneelschrijver, geboren in Leeds, Yorkshire.
Theatre (acting): Better Late (1959), Beyond The Fringe (1960)
Theatre (playwright): Beyond The Fringe (1960), Single Spies (1988), The Madness of George III (1991), Talking Heads
Films (acting): Long shot (1980), The Secret Policeman's Ball (1986), Little Dorrit (1987)

Jill Bennett
(14 August 1975)
American actress, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Amerikaanse actrice, geboren in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Theatre: Picnic, Summer and smoke, Timon of Athens, The Vagina Monologues
TV: Days of our lives, Beverly Hills, 90210 (2000), The Others (2000)
Films: Recipe For Disaster (2003), Hideous Dream (2003), Tube (2004), Fish out of water (2004), The Curse of the Hideous Gimp (2004)
Website: www.jillbennett.com
Jill Bennett

Michael Bennett
(8 April 1943 - 2 July 1987)
American dancer, director and choreographer, born in Buffalo, New York as Michael Bennett DeFiglia. He had relationships with both men and women and was married to Donna McKechnie from december 1976 for four months.
Amerikaanse danser, regisseur en choreograaf, geboren in Buffalo, New York als Michael Bennett DeFiglia. Hij had zowel relaties met mannen als met vrouwen en is vanaf december 1976 vier maanden getrouwd geweest met Donna McKenchnie.
Choreography: A Joyful Noise (1966), Henry Sweet Henry (1967), Promises, Promises (1968), Coco (1970), Company (1970), Follies (1971), Seesaw (1973), A Chorus Line (1975), Ballroom (1978), Dreamgirls (1981)
Michael Bennett

Bob Benny
(28 May 1926 - 29 March 2011)
Belgian singer, born in St-Niklaas as Emilius Wagemans. He was contestant at the Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium twice: in 1959 with "Hou toch van mij" and in 1961 with "September gouden roos". On april 23, 2003, Belgian artists organised a benefitperformance for him, because, after he had suffered from a stroke, Benny couldn't pay the hospital bills.
Belgische zanger, geboren in St-Niklaas als Emilius Wagemans. Hij heeft twee keer voor België deelgenomen aan het Eurovisie Songfestival: in 1959 met "Hou toch van mij" en in 1961 met "September gouden roos". Op 23 april 2003 hebben Belgische artiesten een benefietvoorstelling voor hem georganiseerd, omdat Benny de ziekenhuiskosten niet kon betalen die hij gemaakt had na het krijgen van een beroerte.
Hits: Cindy oh Cindy (1957), Hou Toch van Mij (1959), Paola (1959), Waar En Wanneer (1963), Alleen Door Jou (1963), Bella Maria (1964)
Theatre: Mein Freund Bunburry, Maske in Blau, My Fair Lady, Follies
The poster for his benefitconcert

E.F. Benson
(24 July 1867 - 29 February 1940)
English novelist, biographer, archaeologist and short story writer, born as Edward Frederic Benson at Wellington College, Berkshire.
Engelse schrijver, biograaf, archeoloog en schrijver van korte verhalen, geboren als Edward Frederic Benson aan Wellington College in Berkshire.
E.F. Benson

Guy Benson
(7 March 1985)
American journalist, commentator, and political expert, born as Guy Pelham Benson in Saudi Arabia.
Amerikaans journalist, commentator en politiek expert, geboren als Guy Pelham Benson in Saudi Arabië.
Guy Benson

Trevor Bentham
(11 October 1943)
British former stage manager and screenwriter. He was partner to actor Nigel Hawthorne (1929-2001).
Brits voormalige toneelmanager en scriptschrijver. Hij was de partner van acteur Nigel Hawthorne (1929-2001).
Trevor Bentham

Eric Bentley
(14 September 1916)
American critic, editor and translator, born in Bolton, Lancashire, England.
Amerikaanse recensent, uitgever en vertaler, geboren in Bolton, Lancashire, England.
Books: A Century of Hero-Worship (1944), The Playwright as Thinker (1946), Bernard Shaw (1947), What Is Theatre? (1956), The Life of the Drama (1964), The Importance of Scrutiny (1964), Theatre of War (1972), Brecht Commentaries (1981), Thinking about the Playwright (1987), Bentley on Brecht (1998).
Eric Bentley

Gladys Bentley
(12 August 1907 - 18 January 1960)
American singer, born in Philadelphia.
Amerikaanse zangeres, geboren in Philadelphia.
Gladys Bentley

Klaus van den Berg
(15 December 1967)
Dutch mental coach, born in Austria. He studied Political and Social-Cultural Science in Amsterdam. Together with Leon Klaassen-Bos en Hildo Groen he was part of the 'Gayteam', which in each episode adviced and helped a single woman before she went on a date.
Nederlandse mental coach, geboren in Ooostenrijk. Hij studeerde Politieke & Sociaal-Culturele Wetenschappen in Amsterdam.Samen met Leon Klaassen-Bos en Hildo Groen was hij een lid van het 'Gayteam', dat in iedere aflevering een alleenstaande vrouw adviseerde en hielp voordat ze naar een afspraakje ging.
TV: Gayteam (Net 5, 2002-)
Website: www.klausvandenberg.com
Klaus van den Berg

Helmut Berger
(29 May 1944)
Austrian actor, born in Salzberg as Helmut Steinberger. At the age of 18, he moved to London, where he did odd-jobs whilst simultaneously taking acting classes. After studying languages in Perugia, Italy, Berger moved to Rome. In 1964, he first met director Luchino Visconti, whose life partner he later became.
Oostenrijkse akteur, geboren in Salzberg als Helmut Steinberger. Op 18-jarige leeftijd verhuisde hij naar Londen, waar hij verschillende banen had terwijl hij acteerlessen nam. Nadat hij talen had gestudeerd in Perugia (Italië), verhuisde hij naar Rome. In 1964 ontmoette hij regisseur Luchino Visconti, wiens levenspartner hij later werd.
Films: Le Streghe (1966), Sai cosa faceva Stalin alle donne? (1968), I Giovani tigri (1968), The Damned (1969), Metti una sera a cena (1969), Un Beau Monstre (1970), Dorian Gray (1970), Ludwig (1972), Conversation Piece (1974), The Godfather, part 3 (1990), Ludwig 1881 (1993), Last Cut (1996), Unter Den Palmen (1999), Honey Baby (2004), Damals warst du still (2005)
TV: Dynasty (1983-1984, as Peter De Vilbis)
Book: Ich: Die Autobiographie (1998)
Helmut Berger

Jaap Berghout
Dutch politician for Groen Links.
Nederlandse politicus voor Groen Links.
Jaap Berghout

Vera Bergkamp
(1 June 1971)
Dutch politician for D'66, born in Amsterdam. Bergkamp has a Dutch mother and a Maroccan father.
Nederlandse politica voor D'66, geboren in Amsterdam. Bergkamp heeft een Nederlandse moeder en een Marokkaanse vader.
Website: http://verabergkamp.nl/
Vera Bergkamp

Nate Berkus
(17 September 1971)
American interior designer, born in Orange County, California as Nathan Jay Berkus. His partner fashion and interior photographer Fernando Bengoechea died in the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka.
Amerikaanse interieurontwerper, geboren in Orange County, Californië als Nathan Jay Berkus. Zijn partner Fernando Bengoechea, fotograaf van mode en interieurs, kwam in 2004 om in Sri Lanka door de Tsunami.
TV: The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Nate Berkus Show (2010-2012)
Nate Berkus

Greg Berlanti
(24 May 1972)
American writer, producer and director, born in Westchester, New York.
Amerikaanse schrijver, producer en regisseur, geboren in Westchester, New York.
TV (writer): Dawson's Creek (1998), Young Americans (2000), Everwood (2002), Brothers & Sisters (2006-2007), Eli Stone (2007)
Films (writer): The Broken Hearts Club (2000)
Films (director): The Broken Hearts Club (2000)
Greg Berlanti

Christopher Bernau
(2 June 1940 - 14 June 1989)
American actor, born as Herbert Augustine Bernau in Santa Barbara, California. He studied at the University of Santa Monica.
Amerikaans acteur, geboren als Herbert Augustine Bernau in Santa Barbara, Californië. Hij heeft gestudeerd aan de University of Santa Monica.
Theatre: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Saint-Joan (1967-1968), The Jockey club stakes (1973), Sweet bird of youth (1975-1976), Passion of Dracula (1977-1978), The Boys In The Band
TV: Dark Shadows (1969-1970), The Guiding Light (1977-1984 and 1986-1988)
Christopher Bernau

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