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Margaret Cho
(5 December 1968)
American stand-up comedian, actress and singer/songwriter, born in San Francisco as Margaret Moran Cho.
Amerikaanse komedienne, actrice en singer/songwriter, geboren in San Francisco als Margaret Moran Cho.
Albums: Drunk With Power (1997), Live In Houston (1998), I'm The One That I Want (2000), Notorious C.H.O. (2001), Revolution (2003), Assassin (2005), Beautiful (2009), CHO Dependent (2010), Mother!
Films: Angie (1994), The Doom Generation (1995), It's my party (1996), Sweethearts 1996), Face/off (1997), Fakin' da funk (1997), Pink as the day she was born (1997), Ground control (1998), Nobody knows anything (1998), The Rugrats Movie (voice of the detective, 1998), Can't stop dancing (1999), The Tavern (1999), Spent (2000), I'm the one that I want (concert registration, 2000), Notorious C.H.O. (2002), Bam Bam and Celeste (2005), Miss Oriented (2009), 17 Again (2009)
TV: All American Girl (1994-1995), Five Houses (1998)
Theatre: I'm the one that I want (1999), Notorious C.H.O. (2002), Revolution (2003), The State of Emergency Tour (2004-2005)
Book: I'm The One That I Want (2001), I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight (2005)
DVD: I'm The One That I Want, Notorious C.H.O., Revolution
Website: www.margaretcho.com
The cover of her book

Lisa Cholodenko
(5 June 1964)
American writer and director, born in Los Angeles, California. She studied at Columbia University Film School.
Amerikaanse schrijfster en regisseuse, geboren in Los Angeles, Californië. Ze heeft aan Columbia University Film School gestudeerd.
Films: Dinner party (1997), High art (1998), Laurel Canyon (2002), Cavedweller (2004)
TV (directing): Six feet under (2001), The L-word (2004)
Lisa Cholodenko

Queen Christina of Sweden
(8 December 1626 - 19 April 1689)
Queen of Sweden and daughter of King Gustaf II Adolf and Maria Eleonora. In 1632 when she was 5 years old her father was killed and Christina was crowned queen.
Koningin van Zweden en dochter van Koning Gustaf II Adolf en Maria Eleonora. In 1632, toen ze 5 jaar was werd haar vader vermoord en werd Christina tot koningin gekroond.
Portrait of Queen Christina

Gary Christmas
(31 December 1931 - 3 February 2009)
Dutch dancer, fashion designer and entertainer, born in the USA. He performed together with his (also gay) twin brother Gregory as The Christmas Twins. They descended from Blackfoot and Micmac Indians. In the 1970's they moved to Amsterdam and started clothes shop "Backstage".
Nederlandse danser, mode-ontwerper en entertainer, geboren in de USA. Hij trad op samen met zijn (ook homoseksuele) tweelingbroer Gregory als The Christmas Twins. Ze stamden af van Blackfoot en Micmac Indianen. In de zeventiger jaren verhuisden ze naar Amsterdam en openden de boetiek Backstage.

Gregory Christmas
(31 December 1931 - 1997?)
Dutch dancer, fashion designer and entertainer, born in the USA. He performed together with his (also gay) twin brother Gary as The Christmas Twins. They descended from Blackfoot and Micmac Indians. In the 1970's they moved to Amsterdam and started clothes shop "Backstage".
Nederlandse danser, mode-ontwerper en entertainer, geboren in de USA. Hij trad op samen met zijn (ook homoseksuele) tweelingbroer Gary als The Christmas Twins. Ze stamden af van Blackfoot en Micmac Indianen. In de zeventiger jaren verhuisden ze naar Amsterdam en openden de boetiek Backstage.

Ivo Chundro
(24 March 1976)
Dutch singer and actor, born in Heemstede. He studied at the Dansacademy Lucia Marthas.
Nederlandse zanger en akteur, geboren in Heemstede. Hij studeerde aan de Dansacademie van Lucia Marthas.
Musicals: Boyband (2000), Aida (2001), Alladin (2002-2003), Fame (Vienna, 2004), Honk! (2006-2007), Fame (2007)
Film: Costa, Over Rozen (2004)
Website: www.glamago.com/
Ivo Chundro

Christopher Ciccone
(22 November 1960)
American artist, screenwriter, film director and set designer and brother of singer/actress/gay icon Madonna, born in Bay City, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1981. Ciccone a.o. designed the set for her Blonde Ambition Tour in 1990. He is also owner of the Atlantic restaurant on 8256 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. In 2008 he published a book about his famous sister.
Amerikaans kunstenaar, scriptschrijver, filmregisseur en decorontwerper en broer van zangeres/actrice en homo-idool Madonna, geboren in Bay City, Michigan. Hij is in 1981 afgestudeerd aan de University of Michigan. Ciccone ontwierp onder andere het decor voor haar Blond Ambition Tour in 1990. Hij is ook eigenaar van het Atlantic Restaurant aan 8256 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. In 2008 bracht hij een boek uit over zijn beroemde zus.
Book: Life With My Sister Madonna (2008)
Christopher Ciccone

David N. Cicilline
(15 July 1961)
American mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, the town he was born in.
Amerikaanse burgemeester van Providence, Rhode Island, waar hij ook geboren is.
Website: www.cicilline.com
David Cicilline

Benny Claessens
(5 November 1981)
Belgian actor, born in Antwerpen.
Belgische acteur, geboren in Antwerpen.
Theatre: Bloedarm, Peer Gynt, Dood van een handelsreiziger,Morgen misschien
Films: Blinker (1999), Blinker en het Bagbag-juweel (2000), Tijl Uilenspiegel (2003), Het Geslacht De Pauw (2005), Koning van de Wereld (2006), Witse (2006), Highland Gardens (2007), 180 (2008), Code 37 (2009), Aspe (2010)
Benny Claessens

Sir Arthur C. Clarke
(16 December 1917 - 19 March 2008)
British writer, born in Minehead, Somerset, as Arthur Charles Clarke. He studied Maths and Physics at King's College in London. In june 1953 he married Marilyn Mayfield, but they split up in december of the same year. His book "2001, A Space Odyssey" was made into a film in 1968 by Stanley Kubrick. Clarke lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka since 1956.
Britse schrijver, geboren in Minehead, Somerset, als Arthur Charles Clarke. Hij heeft wiskunde en natuurkunde gestudeerd aan het King's College in Londen. In juni 1953 trouwde hij met Marilyn Mayfield, maar de twee gingen in december van het zelfde jaar weer uit elkaar. Zijn boek "2001, A Space Odyssey" werd in 1968 verfilmd door Stanley Kubrick. Clarke woonde sinds 1956 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Books: Childhood's End (1953), The Deep Range (1957), A Fall of Moondust (1961), Profiles of the Future (1962), 2001, A Space Odyssey (1968), 2010: Odyssey Two (1985), The Ghost from the Grand Banks (1990), The Hammer of God (1993), The light of other days
TV: Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (1981), Arthur C. Clarke's World of strange Powers (1984)
Arthur C. Clarke

Julian Clary
(25 May 1959)
British comedian, writer and actor, born in Surbiton, Surrey. He studied drama at Golsmith's College.
Britse komiek, schrijver en akteur, geboren in Surbiton, Surrey. Hij studeerde drama aan het Goldsmith's College.
TV: Friday Night Live, All rise for Julian Clary, It's only TV, but I like it, Strictly come dancing (2004)
Theatre: Taboo (2002, as Leigh Bowery), Natural Born Mincer (2003-2004), Cinderella (2003-2004), Dick Whittington (2006-2007), Cabaret (2007-2008), The Immodest Tease Show (2008)
Books: My Life With Fanny The Wonder Dog (1989, with Paul Merton), How To Be A Real Man (1992, with Mark Leigh and Mike Lepine), A Young Man's Passage (2006), Murder Most Fab (2007)
Website: www.julianclary.net
Julian Clary

Bart de Clercq
Belgian actor and singer.
Belgische akteur en zanger.
Musicals: 42nd Street, Aïda (Netherlands, 2001-2003), 42nd Street (Stuttgart)
Bart de Clercq

Clive Clerk
(17 October 1945 - 22 June 2005)
American actor, singer, dancer and artist. He was one of the original cast members of the Broadway Show 'A Chorus Line'. After this show he changed his name to Clive Wilson and worked as an artist.
Amerikaanse akteur, zanger, danser en kunstenaar. Hij was een van de originele leden van de cast van de Broadway Show 'A Chorus Line'. Na deze show veranderde hij zijn naam in Clive Wilson en werkte als kunstenaar.
Theatre: A Chorus Line (1975)
TV: Days Of Our Lives (1966-1967), The New People (1969)
Films: Send Me No Flowers (1964), Dear Brigitte (1965), Billie (1965)
Clive Clerk

William Cliff
(27 December 1940)
Belgian poet, born in Gembloux as Andre Imberechts.
Belgische dichter, geboren in Gembloux als Andre Imberechts.
Books: Homo Sum (1973), Ecra sez-le (1976), Marchez au charbon (1978), America (1983), En Orient (1986), Conrad Detrez (1990), Fete Nationale (1994), Journal d'un innocent (1996), L'Etat Belge (2001), Immense Existence (2007)
William Cliff

Montgomery Clift
(17 October 1920 - 23 July 1966)
American actor, born in Omaha, Nebraska.
Amerikaans akteur, geboren in Omaha, Nebraska.
Theatre: Fly Away Home (1934), Dame Nature (1938), There Shall Be No Night (1940), The Skin of Our Teeth (1942), Our Town (1944), Foxhole in the Parlor (1945)
Films: Red river (1948), The heiress (1949), The big lift (1950), A Place in the Sun (1951), Indiscretion of an American Wife (1951), From here to eternity (1953), Raintree County (1957), Suddenly last summer (1959), This misfits (1961), Freud (1962), The defector (1966)
Montgomery Clift

Kate Clinton
American comedian, born in Buffalo, New York.
Amerikaanse comedienne, geboren in Buffalo, New York.
Books: Don't get me started (1998)
Albums: Babes in joyland, Comedy to dance to, Read these lips, The Marrying kind
Theatre: Out is in (1993), All het up (1996), Correct me if I'm right (1999), The Rocky Horror Show (2001, narrator), The Vagina Monologues (2001-2002)
Website: www.kateclinton.com
Kate Clinton

Jean Cocteau
(5 July 1889 - 11 October 1963)
French poet, painter, playwright, stage director, actor, film maker, sculptor and choreagrapher, born as Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau.
Franse dichter, schilder, toneelschrijver, toneel- en film regisseur, akteur, beeldhouwer en choreograaf, geboren als Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau.
Books: Dagboek van een duizendkunstenaar (1942-1954)
Films: Le sang d'un poete (1930), La belle et la bete (1946), Les parents terribles (1948), Les enfants terribles (1949), Orphee (1950), Entretiens autor du cinemagraphe (1951), La testament d'Orphee (1961), Thomas l'imposteur (1965)
Jean Cocteau Work by Cocteau

Paul Codde
(8 February 1950)
Belgian actor and former TV-host.
Belgische acteur en voormalig tv-omroeper.
TV: Liegebeest, Kuifje (stem van Janssen)

Scott Coffey
(1 May 1967)
American actor, director and screenwriter, born in Kailua, Hawaii. His partner is writer Blair Mastbaum (book: Clay's Way).
Amerikaans akteur, regisseur en scriptschrijver, geboren in Kailua op Hawaii. Zijn partner is schrijver Blair Mastbaum (boek: Clay's Way)
TV: Christopher Columbus (1985), Montana (1990), The Outsiders (1990), SeaQuest DSV (1993), Route 9 (1998)
Films (acting): Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Il Peccato di Lola (1985), Warrior of the Lost World (1985), Space Camp (1986), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), Zombie High (1987), Satisfaction (1988), Shag (1989), The Big Picture (1989), Wild at Heart (1990), Shout (1991), Cigarettes and Coffee (1993), The Temp (1993), Wayne's World 2 (1993), Dream Lover (1994), Breaking Free (1995), Tank girl (1995), Rolling Thunder (1996), Lost Highway (1997), The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson (1997), Ellie Parker (2001), Never Date an Actress (2001), Mudholland Drive (2001), Rabbits (2002), Ellie Parker (2005), Inland Empire (2006), Normal Adolescent Behavior (2007)
Films (directing): Ellie Parker (2001), Ellie Parker (2005)
Scott Coffey

Bruce Cohen
(23 September 1961)
American film producer and director, born in Falls Church, Virginia. He studied film at Yale University.
Amerikaanse film producer en regisseur, geboren in Falls Church, Virginia. Hij heeft film gestudeerd aan Yale University.
Films: The Color Purple (1985), Hook (1991), Alive (1993), Batteries not included, Always, The Flinstones (1997), Mouse hunt (1997), American Beauty (1999), The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000), Big fish (2003), The forgotten (2004)
Bruce Cohen

Dick Cohen
(3 October 1960)
Dutch singer, dancer and actor, born in Amsterdam. He studied at the Academie voor Kleinkunst (Academy for Cabaret) in Amsterdam.
Nederlandse zanger, danser en akteur, geboren in Amsterdam. Hij studeerde aan de Academie voor Kleinkunst in Amsterdam.
Theatre: Tonight: music & songs of Leonard Bernstein, Cyrano de musical (1994), Willeke de musical (1995), Les Miserables (Germany), Annie (1997-1998), Anatevka (1998-1999), Tsjechov (2000), Titanic (2001-2002), The Sound of Music (2003-2004), Bernstein Broadway Songbook, Crazy For You (2004-2005), La Vie Parissienne (2006), Kuifje en de Zonnetempel (2007), Into The Woods (2007), Cabaret (2008-2009), Hairspray (2009-2010), Wij Nederlanders (2012), De Kleine Zeemeermin (2012/2013)
Dick Cohen

Roy Cohn
(20 February 1927 – 2 August 1986)
American attorney, born as Roy Marcus Cohn in New York City. He became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigations into KGB and GRU espionage against the United States. Cohn gained special prominence during the Army-McCarthy Hearings. He was also an important member of the U.S. Department of Justice's prosecution team at the espionage trials of Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
Amerikaanse advocaat, geboren als Roy Marcus Cohn in New York City. Hij werd beroemd tijdens de onderzoeken van Senator Joseph McCarthy naar spionage door de KGB en GRU tegen de United States. Cohn kreeg ook bekendheid door de Army-McCarthy hoorzittingen. Hij was ook een belangrijk lid van het team van aanklagers van het U.S. Department of Justice's bij de spionagerechtzaken van de Sovjetspionnen Julius en Ethel Rosenberg.
Roy Cohn

Jack Cole
(27 April 1911 - 17 February 1974)
American dancer and choreographer, born as John Ewing Richter in Brunswick, New Jersey.
Amerikaanse danser en choreograaf, geboren als John Ewing Richter in Brunswick, New Jersey.
Broadway shows (Choreographer): Magdalena, Carnival in Flanders, Kismet, A funny thing happened..., Kean, Donneybrook!, Jamaica, Man of La Mancha
Films (Choreographer): The merry widow (1952), Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953), There's no business like showbusiness (1954), Kismet, Moon over Miami, Cover girl, The I don't care girl, Thrill of Brazil, Down to earth, Les Girls

(28 January 1873 - 3 August 1954)
French bisexual writer and actress, born as Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette in Saint-Sauveur-en puisaye.
Franse biseksuele schrijfster en actrice, geboren als Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette in Saint-Sauveur-en puisaye.
Books: The Pure and the Impure (1932), The Vagabond (1910), Cheri (1920/2006), My Mother's House/Het huis van mijn moeder (1922), and Sido (1929), Gigi (1945)

Chris Colfer
(27 May 1990)
American actor, writer and singer, born as Christopher Paul Colfer in Clovis, California.
Amerikaans akteur, schrijver en zanger, geboren als Christopher Paul Colfer in Clovis, Californië.
Theatre: West Side Story, The Sound Of Music
TV: Glee (2009-)
Films: Russel Fish: The Sausage and Eggs Incident (2009)
Books: The Land of Stories (2012)
Chris Colfer

Tymen Colijn
(25 August 1953)
Dutch local politician for the SP in The Hague.
Nederlandse lokale politicus voor de SP in Den Haag.
Tymen Colijn

Jason Collins
(2 December 1978)
American professional basketball player, born as Jason Paul Collins in Northridge, California. In April 2013 he was the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to publicly come out as gay.
Amerikaanse professionele basketbalspeler, geboren als Jason Paul Collins in Northridge, Californië. In april 2013 was hij de eerste actief spelende professionele sporter in één van de belangrijkste Noord-Amerikaanse teamsporten die publiekelijk voor zijn homoseksualiteit uitkwam.
Jason Collins

Steven Colombeen
Belgian singer and actor. He studied at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels.
Belgische zanger en akteur. Hij studeerde aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussel.
Theatre: Jesus Christ Superstar, Assasins, De Sneeuwkoningin, Dracula, Je Negeert De Waarheid, Romeo en Julia, Tika Is Jarig, Grease, The Sound of Music (2008)
Steven Colombeen

Pierre Commoy
(15 August 1950)
French photographer and artist, who was born in La Roche-sur-Yon. Together with his partner Gilles Blanchard he is 'Pierre et Gilles'. They met in 1976 and began working together in 1977.
Franse fotograaf en kunstenaar, die geboren is in La Roche-sur-Yon. Hij vormt samen met zijn partner Gilles Blanchard het kunstenaarsduo 'Pierre et Gilles'. Ze hebben elkaar in 1976 ontmoet en werken sinds 1977 samen.

Bill Condon
(22 October 1955)
American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, born in New York City.
Amerikaanse akteur, regisseur, producer en scriptschrijver, geboren in New York City.
Films (directing): Sister, sister (1987), Candyman - Farewell to the Flesh (1995), Gods and Monsters (1998)
TV (directing): Murder 101 (1991), White lie (1991), Dead in the water (1992), Deadly relations (1993), The man who wouldn't die (1995)
Films (screenplay): Gods and Monsters (1998), Chicago (2002)
Bill Condon

Diane de Coninck
(1 April 1952)
Dutch radio-host of gay radio-program Het Roze Rijk (The Pink empire).
Radio presentratice van het Radio 5-programma o.a. Het Roze Rijk.

Arthur Conley
(4 January 1946 - 17 November 2003)
American singer, born in McIntosh, Georgia as Arthur Lee Conley. He started his music career as the lead singer of Arthur and the Corvets in 1959. In the 1970's he moved to Ruurlo in the Netherlands and changed his name to Lee Roberts.
Amerikaanse zanger, geboren in McIntosh, Georgia, als Arthur Lee Conley. Hij begon zijn muzikale loopbaan als leadzanger van Arthur and the Corvets in 1959. In de zeventiger jaren verhuisde hij naar Ruurlo in Nederland en veranderde zijn naam in Lee Roberts.
Hits: Sweet soul music (1967)
Albums: Sweet soul music, Shake Rattle & Roll, Soul Directions, More Sweet Soul, Soulin (1988, as Lee Roberts and the Sweaters), Sweet Soul Music: The Best Of Arthur Conley (1995)
Arthur Conley

Nicole Conn
American producer, director and writer, born in Mesa, Arizona. She and her partner Gwendolyn H. Baba have a daughter (Gabrielle) and a son (Nicholas).
Amerikaanse producer, regisseusse en schrijfster, geboren in Mesa, Arizona. Zij heeft samen met har partner Gwendolyn H. Baba een dochter (Gabrielle) en een zoon (Nicholas).
Books: Passion's shadow, The Wedding Dress, She Walks in Beauty (2005)
Films: Claire of the Moon (1998), Cynara - poetry in motion (2001)
Documentary: Little Man (2005)
Nicole Conn

Marc Connors
(15 April 1949 - 25 March 1991)
Canadian singer, born in Ottawa, Ontario. He was founder and member of The Nylons.
Canadese zanger, geboren in Ottawa, Ontario. Hij was oprichter en lid van The Nylons.
Musicals: Fiddler on the roof, Camelot, The Music Man (1971)
Albums (with The Nylons): One size fits all (1982)
Marc Connors

Natalie Cook
(19 January 1975)
Australian professional beach volleyball player, born as Natalie Louise Cook in Townsville, Queensland.
Australische professionele beachvolleybalspeelster, geboren als Natalie Louise Cook in Townsville, Queensland.
Natalie Cook

Anderson Cooper
(2 June 1967)
American CNN News Anchor and former ABC News correspondent and host of 'The Mole'. He's the son of actress, writer and designer Gloria Vanderbilt. Cooper graduated from Yale University in 1989 in political science and also studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi.
Amerikaanse vaste presentator van het CNN nieuws en voormalig correspondent van ABC News en presentator van 'The Mole'. Hij is de zoon van actrice, schrijfster en ontwerpster Gloria Vanderbilt. Cooper studeerde in 1989 af aan Yale University in politiek-wetenschap en heeft ook Vietnamees gestudeerd aan de universtiteit van Hanoi.
Anderson Cooper

Aaron Copland
(14 November 1900 - 2 December 1990)
American composer and conductor, born in Brooklyn, New York. Copland won an Academy Award for his filmscore for 'The Heiress' in 1949.
Amerikaans componist en dirigent, geboren in Brooklyn, New York. In 1949 kreeg Copland een Oscar voor de filmmuziek van 'The Heiress'.
Works: Fanfare for the common man, Our town (filmscore), The red pony (filmscore), Of mice and men (filmscore), The heiress (1949, filmscore)
Aaron Copland

John Corigliano
(16 February 1938)
American composer, born in New York. He won an Oscar for the original score of the movie 'The Red Violin'.
Amerikaans componist, geboren in New York. Hij heeft een Oscar gekregen voor de originele muziek van de film 'The Red Violin'.
Works: The ghosts of Versailles (opera), Symphony no. 1.
John Corigliano

Hans Cornelissen
(15 July 1956)
Dutch actor and theatre producer, well-known for his role in the Dutch TV-comedyseries 'Zeg Eens Aaa'. He was born in Amsterdam as Johan Gerard Henry Cornelissen.
Nederlandse akteur en theaterproducent, vooral bekend door een rol in 'Zeg Eens Aaa'. Hij is geboren in Amsterdam als Johan Gerard Henry Cornelissen.
TV: Schipper Naast God, De Lemmings, Zeg Eens Aaa, Medisch Centrum West, Spijkerhoek, Goudkust, Zonder Ernst, Baantjer
Films: De peetmoeder (1977), De Mantel der liefde (1978), Lieve jongens (1980), The lucky star (1980), Who am I? (1988)
Musical: Piaf, Blijvend applaus (assistent director)
Theatre: Glazen Speelgoed, Helder als glas, Gekortwiekt, Loslopende vrouwen, The dinner party (2002-2003), Zeg eens Aaa (2003-2004), Happy hour (2005), Champagne! (2005-2006), Met de assistente van Dokter van der Ploeg (2007-2008)
Hans Cornelissen

Katharine Cornell
(16 February 1893 - 9 June 1974)
American actress, born in Berlin, Germany from American parents. She was married to theatrical producer and director Guthrie McClintic.
Amerikaanse actrice, geboren in Berlijn uit Amerikaanse ouders. Ze is getrouwd geweest met de theater producer en regisseur Guthrie McClintic.
Theatre: Little women (1910, London), Nice People (1921, Broadway), Candida (1925), The green hat (1927), The letter (1928), The age of innocence (1928), Dishonored lady (1930), The barretts of Winpole Street (1931), Lucrece (1932), Alien born (1933), Romeo and Juliet (1934)
TV: There shall be no night (1957)
Films: Stage door canteen (1943)
Katharine Cornell

Clemens Cornielje
(10 June 1958)
Dutch politician and former teacher, born in Lobith. In 2005 he was appointed Commissaris der Koningin (Royal Commissionair) in the Dutch Province of Gelderland.
Nederlands politicus (VVD) en voormalig leraar, geboren in Lobith. Hij is in 2005 benoemd tot Commissaris der Koningin in Gelderland.
Website: www.clemenscornielje.nl
Clemens Cornielje

Patricia Cornwell
(9 June 1956)
American writer, born as Patricia Carroll Daniels in Miami, Florida. She is a descendant writer Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin). Cornwell graduated from Davidson College with a B.A. in English and married one of her English professors, Charles Cornwell. They were divorced in 1989.
Amerikaanse schrijfster, geboren als Patricia Carroll Daniels in Miami, Florida. Ze is een nakomeling van de schrijfster Harriet Beecher Stowe (De Hut van Oom Tom). Cornwell studeerde af aan Davidson College met een graad in Engels en trouwde met een van haar docenten Engels, Charles Cornwell. Het paar scheidde in 1989.
Books: A Time for Remembering (1983), Postmortem (1990), Body of Evidence (1991), All That Remains (1992), Cruel and Unusual (1993), The Body Farm (1994), From Potter's Field (1995), Cause of Death (1996), Unnatural Exposure (1997), Hornet's Nest (1997), Scarpetta's Winter Table (1998), Point of Origin (1998), Life's Little Fable (1999), Southern Cross (1999), Black Notice (1999), The Last Precinct (2000), Isle of Dogs (2001), Food to Die For: Secrets from Kay Scarpetta's Kitchen (2002), Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed (2002), Blow Fly (2003), Trace (2004), Predator (2005), At Risk (2006), Book of the Dead (2007)
Patricia Cornwell

(30 August 1489 - 5 March 1534)
Italian painter, born as Antonio Allegri Correggio in Parma. According to some sources he was born in 1494.
Italiaanse schilder, geboren als Antionio Allegri Correggio in Parma. Volgens sommige bronnen is hij geboren in 1494.

Paul de Corte
(28 February 1979)
Dutch singer. Together with Fabrizio Pennisi he was the Dutch contestant of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest as Re-Union with the song "Without You". Paul and Frabrizio were in boyband "All of us" from 2001 to 2002. From 2006 Paul is member of coverband You & Me.
Nederlandse zanger. Samen met Fabrizio Pennisi was hij als Re-Union de Nederlandse deelnemer van het Eurovisie Song Festival in 2004 met "Without You". Van 2001 tot 2002 waren Paul en Frabizio in de boyband "All of Us". Sinds 2006 is Paul lid van de coverband You & Me.
Paul de Corte

David Coss
American Jazz singer, born in California.
Amerikaanse Jazz-zanger, geboren in Californië.
Albums: The Simple Life
Website: www.davidcoss.com
David Coss

Antony Cotton
(5 August 1975)
British actor, born as Antony Dunn in Bury, Greater Manchester.
Brits akteur, geboren als Antony Dunn in Bury, Greater Manchester.
TV: Queer As Folk, Coronation Street (2003-), Absolutely Fabulous, Soapstar Superstar (2007), That Antony Cotton Show (2007)
Films: Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (1998)
Theatre: The Fifteen Streets, The Hobbit, Closer To Heaven
Antony Cotton

Louis Couperus
(10 June 1863 - 16 July 1923)
Dutch writer, born as Louis Marie Anne Couperus in The Hague. In 1872 he moved with his parents to Batavia, The Dutch East Indies, and returned to the Netherlands in 1878. On September 9, 1891 he married Elisabeth Wilhelmina Johanna Baud.
Nederlandse schrijver, geboren als Louis Marie Anne Couperus in Den Haag. In 1872 verhuisde hij met zijn ouders naar Batavia, Nederlands Indië, en keerde in 1878 naar Nederland terug. Op 9 september 1891 trouwde hij met Elisabeth Wilhelmina Johanna Baud.
Books: Een lent van vaerzen (1884), Orchideeën (1886), Eline Vere (1889), Noodlot (1890), Extaze. Een boek van geluk (1892), Eene illuzie (1892), Majesteit (1893), Reis-impressies (1894), Wereldvrede (1895), Williswinde (1895), Hooge troeven (1896), De verzoeking van den H. Antonius (1896), Metamorfoze (1897), Psyche (1898), Fidessa (1899), Langs lijnen van geleidelijkheid (1900), De stille kracht (1900), Babel (1901), De boeken der kleine zielen: De kleine zielen (1901), De boeken der kleine zielen: Het late leven (1902), De boeken der kleine zielen: Zielenschemering (1902), De boeken der kleine zielen: Het heilige weten (1903), Over lichtende drempels (1902), God en goden (1903), Dionyzos (1904), De berg van licht (1906), Van oude menschen, de dingen, die voorbij gaan... (1906), Aan den weg der vreugde (1908), Van en over mijzelf en anderen: Eerste bundel (1910), Antieke verhalen, van goden en keizers, van dichters en hetaeren (1911), Korte arabesken (1911), Antiek toerisme. Roman uit Oud-Egypte (1911), De zwaluwen neêr gestreken...(1911), Schimmen van schoonheid (1912), Uit blanke steden onder blauwe lucht: Eerste bundel (1912), Uit blanke steden onder blauwe lucht: Tweede bundel (1913), Herackles (1913), Van en over mijzelf en anderen: Tweede bundel (1914), Van en over alles en iedereen (1915), De ongelukkige (1915), Van en over mijzelf en anderen: Derde bundel (1916), Van en over mijzelf en anderen: Vierde bundel (1917), De komedianten (1917), Jan en Florence (1917), Brieven van den nutteloozen toeschouwer (1917), Der dingen ziel (1918), Legende, mythe en fantazie (1918), De verliefde ezel (1918), De ode (1919), Xerxes of de hoogmoed (1919), Iskander. De roman van Alexander den Groote (1920), Lucrezia (1920), Met Louis Couperus in Afrika (1921), Het zwevende schaakbord (1922), Oostwaarts (1923), Proza. Eerste bundel (1923), Proza. Tweede bundel (1924), Het snoer der ontferming (1924), Proza. Derde bundel (1925), Nippon (1925)
Biography: Louis Couperus - een biografie (1987, Frederic Bastet)
Website: www.louiscouperus.nl
Louis Couperus

Michelle Courtens
(3 August 1981)
Dutch singer, songwriter, actress and singing teacher, born in Venray. In 2001 she represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Out on my own'. Michelle married her partner Carlijn on 16 September 2006. They seperated in August 2007.
Nederlandse zangeres, liedjesschrijfster, actrice en zangdocente, geboren in Venray. In 2001 vertegenwoordigde ze Nederland op het Eurovisie Songfestival met het liedje 'Out on my own'. Michelle is op 16 september 2006 met haar vriendin Carlijn getrouwd. Ze gingen ieder in augustus 2007 weer hun eigen weg.
Hits: Out on my own (2001)
Theatre: Cabaret (2006), Chess (2006-2007)
Michelle Courtens

Brendan Courtney
(24 June 1972)
Irish comedian and TV presenter, born in Clondalkin, Dublin.
Ierse komiek en TV-presentator, geboren in Clondalkin, Dublin.
TV: Wanderlust, Love Match UK, The Brendan Courtney Show, Playdate, The Clothes Show (2006-2008), One's Off The Rails
Brendan Courtney

Noël Coward
(16 December 1899 - 26 March 1973)
British actor, director, playwright and composer, born in Teddington, Middlesex as Noël Pierce Coward.
Britse akteur, regisseur, toneelschrijver en componist, geboren in Teddington, Middlesex, als Noël Pierce Coward.
Albums: A Room With a View, I wonder what happened: vol.4 - 1944/1951
Theatre (actor): The Goldfish (1911), The great name (1912), Where the rainbow ends (1912), Peter Pan (1913 + 1914), Charley's aunt (1915), Light blues (1916), Ida collaborates (1917), The vortex (1924)
Theatre (director): The Daisy chain (1912), Woman and whiskey (1918), The vortex (1924), Cavalcade (1931)
Plays (playwright): The rat trap (1918), I leave it to you (1920), Sirocco (1921), The young idea (1923), The vortex (1924), Hayfever (1925), Private lives (1930), Cavalcade (1931)
Films (actor): Hearts of the world (1917), The Italian job (1969)
Website: www.noelcoward.net
Noël Coward

Henry Cowell
(11 March 1897 - 10 December 1965)
American composer, pianist and musicologist, born as Henry Dixon Cowell in Menlo Park, California.
Amerikaanse componist, pianist en musicograaf, geboren als Henry Dixon Cowell in Menlo Park, Californië.
Opera: O'Higgins of Chile (1949)
Choral Works: The Thistle Tower (1928), Fire and Ice (1942), American muse (1943), To America (1946), The road to tomorrow (1947)
Chamber works: Seven paragraphs for trio (1926), Quartet (1927), Mosaic quartet for strings (1935), United quartet for strings (1936), Sarabande (1942), Tall tale (1947), Piano Trio (1965)
Piano works: The tide of Manaunaun (1911), The hero sun (1922), What's this (1922), The hero sun (1925)
Henry Cowell

Patrick Cowley
(19 October 1950 - 12 November 1982)
American record-producer. He was born in Buffalo, New York as Patrick Joseph Cowley. He studied English at Buffalo's university. Cowley died of Aids.
Amerikaanse platenproducer. Hij is geboren in Buffalo, New York als Patrick Joseph Cowley. Hij studeerde Engels aan de Universiteit in Buffalo. Cowley is aan Aids gestorven.
Hits: Menergy (1981), Do you wanna funk (with Sylvester)(1982), Die hard Lover(1982)
Patrick Cowley

C. Jay Cox
American writer, actor and director, born in Nevada.
Amerikaanse schrijver, akteur en regisseur, geboren in Nevada.
Films: Nightmare Sisters (1987, actor), The Offspring (1987, actor), Get That Girl (1996, director), Reason Thirteen (1998, writer and director), The Thing in Bob's Garage (1998, writer), Sweet Home Alabama (2002, screenplay), Latter days (2004, writer and director), Kiss The Bride (2007)
C. Jay Cox

Patrick Cox
(19 March 1963)
Canadian shoe designer who was born in Edmonton, Alberta and now lives in London, England.
Canadese schoenenontwerper, die geboren is in Edmonton, Alberta en nu in Londen, Engeland woont.
Website: www.patrickcox.co.uk/
Patrick Cox

Scott Cranham
Canadian diver and diving coach, who competed at the summer Olympics in Montreal in 1976.
Canadese schoonspringer en coach, die in 1976 aan de Olympische zomerspelen in Montreal deelnam.
Scott Cranham

Anthony Crank
British television presenter, journalist and actor.
Britse TV-presentator, journalist en akteur.
TV: Shameless, BBC Holiday
Theatre: The Newspaper Boy
Anthony Crank

Joan Crawford
(23 March 1905 - 10 May 1977)
American bisexual actress, born as Lucille Fay LeSueur in San Antonio, Texas. According to her adopted daughter Christina's book "Mommie Dearest" from 1978 Crawford had relationships with both men and women. She was married 5 times: to James Welton (1923 - 1924), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (3 June 1929 - 12 May 1933), Franchot Tone (11 October 1935 - 11 April 1939), Phillip Terry (21 July 1942 - 25 April 1946) and to Alfred Steele (14 January 1956 - 6 April 1959).
Amerikaanse biseksuele actrice, geboren als Lucille Fay LeSueur in San Antonio, Texas. Volgens het boek uit 1978 van haar geadopteerde dochter Christina "Mommie Dearest" had Crawford zowel relaties met mannen als met vrouwen. Ze was 5 keer getrouwd: met James Welton (1923 - 1924), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (3 June 1929 - 12 May 1933), Franchot Tone (11 October 1935 - 11 April 1939), Phillip Terry (21 July 1942 - 25 April 1946) en met Alfred Steele (14 January 1956 - 6 April 1959).
Films: The Women (1939)< Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
Joan Crawford

Raphaël Creemers
(22 April 1960)
Dutch former Police chief and former head of an organisation to cure gays, born in Schiedam. In the eighties he started a home for gay men in Arnemuiden, in order to cure them from their homosexuality. He was married to Ingrid and has 4 children, three daughters and one son. His son is also gay. After 10 years of marriage he found out that homosexuality can't be cured.
Nederlandse voormalige politiechef en voormalig hoofd van een organisatie die homo's wilde genezen, geboren in Schiedam. In de tachtiger jaren startte hij een tehuis voor homo's, waar ze genezen zouden kunnen worden van hun homoseksualiteit. Hij was getrouwd met Ingrid en heeft 4 kinderen, drie dochters en een zoon. Zijn zoon is ook homoseksueel. Na 10 jaar huwelijk kwam hij erachter dat homoseksualiteit niet genezen kan worden.
Books: Vader vergeef het mij (1984), Leg de bijl aan de wortel (1989), Rammelend van de huidhonger (2006)
Website: www.raphaelcreemers.com
Raphaël Creemers

Phil Creswick
(12 October 1965)
UK singer, dancer and songwriter and former member of boy band Big Fun, born in Charlwood, Surrey, England.
Engelse zanger, danser en songwriter en voormalig lid van de boy band Big Fun, geboren in Charlwood, Surrey, Engeland.
Hits: Blame It On The Boogie (1989)

Bob Crewe
(12 November 1931 - 11 September 2014)
American singer, record producer and songwriter, born as Stanley Robert Crewe in Newark, New Jersey.
Amerikaanse zanger, platenproducer en liedjesschrijver, geboren in Newark, New Jersey, als Stanley Robert Crewe.
Hits he (co-)wrote: Silhouettes (1957, The Rays), Sherry (1962, The Four Seasons), Big Girls Don't Cry (Four Seasons),Walk Like a Man (Four Seasons), Bye Bye Baby (Four Seasons/Bay City Rollers) Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (Frankie Valli), My Eyes Adored You (Frankie Valli), Lady Marmalade (Labelle)
Bob Crewe

Quentin Crisp
(25 December 1908 - 21 November 1999)
British writer and actor, who lived in New York and was born as Denis Charles Pratt in Sutton, Surrey, England. Crisp appeared in Sting's videoclip for 'An Englishman in New York'. His autobiographical book 'The naked civil servant' was filmed in 1975 with John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.
Engelse schrijver en akteur, die in New York woonde en is geboren als Denis Charles Pratt in Sutton, Surrey, Engeland. Crisp is te zien in Sting's videoclip van 'An Englishman in New York'. Zijn autobiogafisch boek 'The naked civil servant' is in 1975 verfilmd met John Hurt als Quentin Crisp.
Books: The naked civil servant (1968), How to Have a Life Style (1975), How to become a virgin (1981), The Wit and Wisdom of Quentin Crisp (1984), New York diaries (1996)
Films: Hamlet (1976), Topsy and Bunker: The Cat Killers (1992), Orlando (as Elisabeth I, 1992), Philadelphia (1993), To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995), Homo Heights (1998)
Quentin Crisp

Anja de Crom
(20 December 1964)
Dutch writer and journalist, born in Bergen op Zoom. She met her co-writer Esther Bremer in a chatroom on the internet.
Nederlandse schrijfster en journaliste, geboren in Bergen op Zoom. Ze kwam haar co-schrijfster Esther Bremer tegen in een chatroom op het internet.
Books: Naar de Top: Birgit Schuurman, Naar de Top: Richard Krajicek, Naar de Top: Anky van Grunsven, Pitty naar College (2003, with Esther Bremer), Artemis op Jacht (2006, with Esther Bremer), Villa Volta (2006)
Website: anjadecrom.nl
Anja de Crom

Rosario Crocetta
(8 February 1951)
Italian mayor of the city of Gela on Sicily, the town she was born.
Italiaanse burgemeester van de stad Gela op Sicilië, de stad waar ze geboren is.
Rosario Crocetta

Koen Crucke
(11 February 1952)
Belgian actor, opera singer (tenor) and TV-personality, born in Gent. His full name is Koenraad Desiré Arthur Crucke.
Belgische acteur, operazanger (tenor) en TV-persoonlijkheid, geboren in Gent. Zijn volledige naam is Koenraad Desiré Arthur Crucke.
TV: Samson en Gert (Alberto/Albert Vermeersch), Cosmos
Films: Zware Jongens (1984), Paniekzaaiers (1986), Blueberry Hill (1989), Het Sacrament (1990), Koko Flanel (1990), Pauline en Paulette (2001)
Theatre: Beauty and the Beast (2007), Nieuwe Hits Van Na de Blitz (2007), Assepoester (2007-2008), The Sound Of Music (2008)
Albums: Van nu af aan (1990), Parlami d'amore (1993), Kerstmis (1994), Toreador den opera es versmuurd (1994), Toreador 2: d’operette es uuk versmuurd (1995), Ik ken een lied (1996), Valentine (1998), Best of (2000), Wat was ik zonder jou?
Books: 33 kilo later, Koen & de Kookkids, Halfweg, De kilo's onder controle, Heerlijk Italiaans, Heerlijk Spaans, Heerlijk Grieks
Website: www.koencrucke.be
Koen Crucke

Orlando Cruz
(1 July 1981)
Puerto Rican professional boxer. He represented Puerto Rico at the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia.
Puerto Ricaanse professionele bokser. Hij vertegenwoordigde Puerto Rico bij de Olympische spelen in 2000 in Australië.
Orlando Cruz

Wilson Cruz
(27 December 1973)
American actor, born in Brooklyn, New York City, as Wilson Echevarria.
Amerikaans akteur, geboren in Brooklyn, New York City, als Wilson Echevarria.
TV: Great Scott (1991), My So-Called Life (1994), Party of Five (2000), Noah's Arc (2004), The West Wing (2004), Related, Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (2007), Raising The Bar (2008)
Films: Nixon (1995), On Seventh Avenue (1995), Johns (1996), Joyride (1997), All over me (1997), Supernova (2000), Party monster (2003), Bam Bam and Celeste (2005), Coffee Date (2006), Green Flash (2008), The People I've Slept With (2009)
Theatre: Rent (1998, as Angel), A Perfect Wedding (2003), Tick, Tick...Boom (2005)
Wilson Cruz

George Cukor
(7 July 1899 - 24 January 1983)
American film and stage director, born in New York City as George Dewey Cukor.
Amerikaanse film- en toneelregisseur, geboren in New York City als George Dewey Cukor.
Films: Tarnished lady (1931), Our betters (1933), Little women (1933), David Copperfield (1935), Camille (1936), Holiday (1938), Zaza (1939), The Women (1939), Philadelphia story (1940), Keeper of the flame (1942), Gaslight (1944), Winged victory (1944), A double life (1948), Adam's rib (1949), Edward my son (1949), Born yesterday (1950), Pat and Mike (1952), It should happen to you (1954), A star is born (1954), Les girls (1957), Heller in pink tights (1960), Let's make love (1960), Song without end (1960), The Chapman report (1962), My fair lady (1964), Justine (1969), Travels with my aunt (1972), Love amongst the ruins (1974), Sinyaya Ptitsa (1976), The blue bird (1976), The corn is green (1979), Rich and famous (1981)
George Cukor

Countee Cullen
(3 May 1903 - 9 January 1946)
American poet, born in New York City as Countee LeRoy Porter. According to other sources he was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He married in 1928 and was divorced in 1930.
Amerikaanse dichter, geboren in New York City als Countee LeRoy Porter. Volgens andere bronnen is hij geboren in Louisville, Kentucky. Hij trouwde in 1928 en scheidde in 1930.
Books: Color (1923), Copper sun (1927), The Ballad of the Brown Girl (1928), The Black Christ and Other Poems (1929), The Medea and Some Other Poems (1935), On These I Stand: An Anthology of the Best Poems of Countee Cullen (1947), My Soul's High Song: The Collected Writings of Countee Cullen (1991)
Countee Cullen

Alan Cumming
(27 January 1965)
Scottish actor, director and screenwriter, born in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. He studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, where he met Forbes Mason, with whom he formed the comedy duo 'Victor Barry' and Hilary Lyons, who he later married (in 1985) and divorced (in 1993). On January 7, 2007, Cumming married illustrator Grant Shaffer.
Schotse akteur, regisseur en scriptschrijver, geboren in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. Hij studeerde aan de Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, waar hij Forbes Mason ontmoette, met wie hij het komische duo "Victor Barry' vormde, en Hilary Lyons, die hij later trouwde (in 1985) en weer scheidde (in 1993). Op 7 januari 2007 trouwde Cumming met illustrator Grant Shaffer.
TV: The Cumming Attraction, Annie, Third Rock from the sun (guest appearance), Reefer Madness (2004), Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (2007), Who Do You Think You Are (2010)
Films: Passing glory (1986), Prague (1991), Second best (1991), That sunday (1991), Circle of friends (1994), Black beauty (1994), Butter (1994), Goldeneye (1995), Emma (1996), Eyes wide shut (1997), Spice world (1997), Buddy (1997), Titus (1999), Urbania (2000), Get Carter (2000), The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000), The Anniversary party (2001), X-men 2 (2003), Son of the Mask (2003), Eighteen (2004), Bad blood (2005), Full Grown Men (2006), Gray Matters (2006), Suffering Man's Charity (2007)
Theatre: Macbeth/Macbeth possessed (1985), Trumpets and raspberries (1985), The ugly ducking (1985), Tartuffe (1986), A streetcar named desire (1986), Mr. Government (1986), Sleeping beauty (1986), The Slab boys (1987), It's not the end of the world (1987), A Royal Match (1987), Cabaret (1987), Babes in the wood (1987), Cuttin' a rug (1988), The conquest of the South Pole (1988), Great expectations (1988), Knickers (1989-1990), As you like it, Singer, Romeo and Juliet, Cabaret (1993, London and New York City), Design for living (2001), Elle (2002), Bent (2007), The Bacchae (2007)
Book: Tommy's tale (2003)
Website: www.alancumming.com
Alan Cumming

Kecia Cunningham
(21 December 1965)
American politician, born in New York, New York. She was elected council member in Decatur, Georgia, in 1999.
Amerikaanse politica, geboren in New York, New York. Zij werd in 1999 gekozen tot lid van de gemeenteraad in Decatur, Georgia.
Kecia Cunningham

Merce Cunningham
(16 April 1919 - 26 July 2009)
American dancer and choreographer, born in Centralia, Washington. From 1939 to 1945 he danced in the company of Martha Graham. His partner was composer John Cage.
Amerikaanse danser en choreograaf, geboren in Centralia, Washington. Van 1939 tot 1945 danste hij in het gezelschap van Martha Graham. Zijn partner was componist John Cage.
Books: The modernizing of modern dance (by Roger Copeland, 2004)
Merce Cunningham

Michael Cunningham
(6 November 1952)
American writer, born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up in Pasedena, California. Cunningham studied English Literature at Stanford University and the University of Iowa. In 1999 he received the Pulitzer Prize for his book "The hours".
Amerikaanse schrijver, geboren in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hij groeide op in Pasadena, Californië. Cunningham studeerde Engelse Literatuur aan Stanford University en de University of Iowa. Voor zijn boek "De Uren" heeft hij in 1999 de Pulitzer Prijs ontvangen.
Books: Golden Stated (1983), A Home at the End of the World / Huis aan het eind van de wereld (1990), Flesh and Blood / Bloedverwanten (1995), The Hours / De Uren (1998), Specimen Days / Stralende Dagen (2005)

Fiona Cunningham Reid
British camera woman and director, born in Kenia. She received her education at London's International Film School.
Britse cameravrouw en regisseur, geboren in Kenia. Ze kreeg haar opleiding aan de Londense International Film School.
Films (director): Feed Them to the Cannibals! (1993), Thin Ice (1995)
Films (camera): Superman III (1983), My beautiful laundrette (1985), Sammy and Rosie get laid (1987)

John Curry
(9 September 1949 - 15 April 1994)
British Figure Skater, born in Birmingham as John Anthony Curry. Curry won the Olympic and World Championships in 1976. He died of Aids.
Britse kunstschaatser, geboren in Birmingham als John Anthony Curry. Curry won in 1976 de Olympische en Wereld Kampioenschappen. Hij is aan Aids overleden.
Website: www.geocities.com/john_curry_2003
John Curry

Mark Curry
(27 August 1961)
British TV presenter and actor, born in Stafford. In September 2008 he married his partner Jeremy Sandle.
Britse TV-presentator en akteur, geboren in Stafford. In september 2008 trouwde hij zijn partner Jeremy Sandle.
TV: Junior Showtime, Sounding Brass, Get Set For Summer, The Saturday Picture Show, Blue Peter (1986-1989), London's Burning, Record Breakers, Last of the Summer Wine (2007), The Wright Stuff (2015)
Films: Bugsy Malone (1976)
Theatre: The Woman In Black (1994), Charley's Aunt, Move Over Mrs.Markham, Noises Off, Billy Liar, Far From The Madding Crowd, Neville's Island, Victor Victoria, Company, Singin' in the Rain, Appetite, Wicked (2016)
Mark Curry

Charlotte Cushman
(23 July 1816 - 18 February 1876)
American opera singer, actress, playwright and director. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts as Charlotte Saunders Cushman. In 1845 she went to London where she starred in several productions before returning to the USA in 1849. From 1852 to 1870 she lived in England and Italy whereafter she returned again to the USA. Her last appearance on the stage took place at the Globe Theatre in Boston on may 15, 1875. She died of cancer.
Amerikaanse operazangeres, actrice, toneelschrijfster en regisseur. Ze is geboren in Boston, Massachusetts als Charlotte Saunders Cushman. In 1845 ging ze naar Londen waar ze schitterde in diverse producties tot ze in 1849 terugkeerde naar de USA. Van 1852 tot 1870 heeft ze in Engeland en Italië gewoond voordat ze weer terug ging naar de USA. De laatste keer dat ze op het toneel stond was in het Globe Theatre in Boston op 15 mei 1875. Ze overleed aan kanker.
Opera: The marriage of Figaro (1835)
Theatre: Lady Macbeth (1836), Guy Mannering (1837), Oliver Twist (1839), Fazio (1845)
Charlotte Cushman

Astolphe/Astolfe Marquis de Custine
(18 March 1790 - 18 October 1858)
French writer, playwright, poet and traveler, born in the castle of Niderviller in Lorraine as Astolphe Louis Léonor de Custine. De Custine was murdered.
Franse schrijver, toneelschrijver, dichter en reiziger, geboren in het chateau van Niderviller in Lorraine als Astolphe Louis Léonor de Custine. De Custine werd vermoord.
Books: La Russie en 1839 (Russia in 1839/ Letters from Russia/Brieven uit Rusland)
Biography: A Taste For Freedom: The Life Of Astolfe de Custine (1996, by Anka Muhlstein)
Astolphe de Custine

Julie Cypher
(24 August 1964)
American film director and ex-partner of singer Melissa Etheridge, born in Wichita, Kansas. From 1986 to 1990 she was married to actor Lou Diamond Phillips. In 1988 she met Melissa Etheridge, with whom she was together from 1990 to 2000. In 2004 she married Matthew Hale.
Amerikaanse filmregisseuse en ex-partner van zangeres Melissa Etheridge, geboren in in Wichita, Kansas. Van 1986 tot 1990 was ze getrouwd met de acteur Lou Diamond Phillips. In 1988 ontmoette ze Melissa Etheridge met wie ze samen leefde van 1990 tot 2000. In 2004 trouwde ze met Matthew Hale.
Films: Arduous Moon (1990), Teresa's tattoo (1994)
Julie Cypher (right) with Melissa and their children

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