Locas 4 life

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Director: James Tucker
Writer: Joshua Nelson
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Duration: 90 minutes
Also known as: Savage Roses
- Misha Gonzales : Toro
- Tania Galarza : Michelle
- Aura Vence : Maribel
- Tella Storey : Loca
- Diavanna Zarzuela : Tania
- Joshua Nelson : Pedro
- Antonio Tomahawk : Cabron
- Max Goldberg : Jewish Man
- Jaime Velez : Hector
Story: Toro, a tough lesbian gang member, acclimates well to the group as they rob, steal, and hustle. The gang is strong - both sexually and physically - holding sacred both loyalty and the money it takes to survive. Despite the closeness of her gang, Toro feels isolated. Secrets from her past keep true friendships at bay and harden her already tough exterior. Yet Toro soon meets Michelle, a young mother who moves in with her abusive and cheating boyfriend, residing near where Toro spends time both keeping an eye on the neighborhood and trying to work through her anger. After discovering Michelle bruised and battered, Toro crosses the line of friendship by protecting and defending Michelle. Yet their evolving relationship jeopardizes both their safety as the gang's suspicion is raised concerning their closeness. Trying to find peace within herself and hoping to eliminate the rage and hurt in her heart before it affects her budding relationship with Michelle, Toro struggles to leave gang life and break the cycle of violence before it is too late.
Verhaal Toro, een
Available on: DVD
Website: www.savageroses.com