I like to organize parties. Sometimes I'm busy planning things a year before the party. In the beginning of 1999 I was already busy thinking which records to choose and which food to serve at our Milenniumparty.

The Invitation

Try to make an orginal invitation.

Let's dance

To me music is part of making a party succesfull. Don't play the music too loud, otherwise people can't talk. If you want to play it loud use another room where they can sit and relax and where you have some easy music or no music at all. Don't play your partymusic to soft because people won't hear it. I think people want to recognise the music they hear, so I always choose for well-known hits. All those hits mentioned below are hits I think of as gay hits for one reason or another. And oh, I love those ol' hits. Well, I am 42!

Abba: Dancing Queen
Bananarama: Venus
Boys Town Gang: Can't take my eyes off you
Bronski Beat: Smalltown boy, Why???
Miquel Brown: So many men, so little time
Coming Out Crew: Free, Gay and Happy (Coming out anthem)
Communards: Never can say goodbye, Don't leave me this way
Divine: Native love (step by step), Shoot your shot
Gloria Gaynor: I will survive, I am what I am
Dana International: Diva
Holly Johnson: Legendary children (all of them queer)
Grace Jones: La vie en rose
Amanda Lear: Follow me
Madonna: Vogue
Ru Paul: Super Model (You better work)
Pet Shop Boys: Go West
Lou Reed: Walk on the wild side
Right Said Fred: I'm too sexy
Diana Ross: I'm coming out / I will survive
Jimmy Somerville: You make me feel (mighty real)
Donna Summer: Love to love you
Sylvester: You make me feel (mighty real)
Evelyn Thomas: High Energy
Venga Boys: Boom Boom Boom Boom
Village People: YMCA, In the navy, Go West
Anita Ward: Ring my bell
Weather girls: It's raining men
Karen Young: Hot shot

The food department:

To me food is an another important part of the parties I organise. When I'm at home I only eat vegetarian food. Here are a few of my favourite recipes:

A Greek or Turkish (then it is: Cacik) yoghurt/cucumber/garlic-sauce you can eat with a piece a bread. Easy to make and delicious. Make it way before the party so the tasts of the different ingredients can mix well.

Spanish cold soup, made of tomatoes, cucumber and garlic. The drinks department:

How about a cocktail to welcome your guests?


I often use blinking Christmas Lights to decorate the room. Buy some shiny Indian cloth to cover the table you'll put your food and drinks on. Lay down a mirror on the table.