A man of no importance

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Book: Terrence McNally
Music: Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens
Director: Joe Mantello
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Duration: 135 minutes
First cast:
- Roger Rees : Alfie Byrne
- Ronn Carroll : Baldy O'Shea
- Jarlath Conroy : Father Kenny
- Luther Creek : Peter / Breton Beret
- Charles Keating : Carney / Oscar Wilde
- Barbara Marineau : Miss Crowe
- Michael McCormick : Rasher Flynn / Carson
- Sean McCourt : Sully O'Hara
- Katherine McGrath : Mrs. Grace / Kitty Farrelly
- Jessica Molaskey : Mrs. Patrick
- Martin Moran : Ernie Lally
- Sally Murphy : Adele Rice
- Steven Pasquale : Robbie Fay
- Patti Perkins : Mrs. Curtin
- Faith Prince : Lily Byrne
Story: Based on the 1994 film of the same name, this is the story of Alfie Byrne, a bus driver living in Dublin in the 1960's. A passionate fan of Oscar Wilde, Alfie is determined to stage a version of Salome at his church, despite the objections of church authorities. In the process of fighting for the play, Alfie is finally forced to confront his own sexuality and take a stand in the world. The title character is Alfie Byrne (Roger Rees), a middle-aged man whose spinster sister (Faith Prince) feels she can't marry until he has a wife to take care of him, even though he's the one who cooks their meals. Alfie's yearnings for a less circumscribed life finds release in reciting poetry to the bus passengers (despite constant complaints from his supervisor about the bus running late) and directing plays for the amateur thespians at the local church. His favorite poet and playwright is Oscar Wilde so the audience guesses well before any of the characters on stage, that Alfie is never going to get married -- at least not to a woman.
Verhaal: Gebaseerd op de film met de zelfde naam uit 1994.
1. Man Of No Importance
2. The Burden Of Life
3. Going Up
4. Princess
5. Streets Of Dublin
6. Books
7. Man In The Mirror
8. Love Who You Love
9. Our Father / Confession
10. The cuddles Mary Gave
11. Art
12. Man Of No Importance - (reprise) Confusing Times
13. Man In The Mirror - (reprise)
14. Tell Me Why
15. Love Who You Love - (reprise)
16. Welcome To The World
17. Poem
18. Love Is Never Lost
(Photo by Paul Kolnik)